Choreography – Dance Essay

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Choreography – Dance

Ian Eastwood is one of the most versatile dancers around. The best aspects of his dancing are emotion, speed and agility. His dances on YouTube are really amazing. One of his dance videos I really enjoyed is called, Ian_Eastwood Choreography| “fall” | @justinbieber. It to imitate his dancing ability. It shows a lot of his skills, including his ability to use dance to show the emotions of the song. His viewers witness some emotion and conviction in Ian’s dancing and choreography as he dances and pours his heart into the song.

His bowed head and jerky arm movements match the sudden sad moments of the song. Also as we watch the dance choreography we can see almost everything he puts into the choreography. Its shows just raw emotions like, pain, sorrow, anger, sadness, and love. It’s beautiful to see a dancer be so vulnerable and spill their heart into such a beautiful song. Ian Eastwood shows such passion and lots of emotions and we can feel it, by watching and just falling in the choreography. Another characteristic that Ian Eastwood does has speed.

Speed is an asset that this young man has, to make all of his dance/choreography strong and powerful. Ian shows us almost everything that we are looking for including speed. Speed is one asset that I love watching him use the most, and I attempt it while dancing because it shows that people can dance just slowly but more upbeat and fast. I strongly feel that speed has to be in our criteria of dance. Also, Ian Eastwood’s agility is beyond amazing. No words can explain how great this young man is towards dancing.

His agility in Ian_Eastwood Choreography| “fall” | @justinbieber is so strong and neat, and his movements to the piece is just phenomenal. His agility is great because, he knows how to use his strength and stamina physically and mentally. Having great agility is hard for most dancers, because they have to know when to use their agility for certain parts of dance. Ian Eastwood was born with all different types of talents for dance, and some of these characteristics come from inside, or are just inborn.

To conclude Ian Eastwood is truly a great versatile dancer. His best aspects of dance are emotion, speed, agility. Ian’s dance/choreographies can speak for themselves; most dancers don’t have that. That’s why Ian is such a fantastic dance performer, and I hope that one day I can get to dance with him. His viewers on YouTube love him and his dances also, his fans have videos of themselves doing some of his dance choreographies. Ian Eastwood is by far the most skillful dancer on YouTube.

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