Choosing University Essay

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Choosing University

Choosing a university is imperative to your further studies. Every course and every university is different and each student wants different things. The chance of finding a perfect match can be a challenge and you will certainly need to decide what is most important to you. It is all a matter of priorities which you feel are important to you,after all you will be the one who has to study on the course and you maybe living there for over 3 years or more.

When choosing a university, there are a few general things you may want to consider before researching more specific factors. First of all, I propose a good way to start researching universities is to look at university league tables, which is the university rankings. This will allow you to see how well a particular university is doing in comparison to others. A higher placing in the table generally means facilities, grades and teaching standards are better.

Remember that going to a university higher up in the league tables does not automatically mean you will achieve better grades, it is down to how well you perform during the course. According to the rankings, the choice of your subject and the type of course will narrow down the number of potential universities to just a few. Moving on to my next point, Where is the universities located? This means that whether you want to go to a universities in a big city or somewhere quieter.

Studying in big town will have a lot of disturbance and distractions awaiting, thus lose your concentration in your studies. Remember that the cost of living will be higher in large cities, which may affect your budget significantly. On the other way round, studying in urban area will convenient your living there as you are closer to the shopping centre to buy living necessities and able to enjoy delicacies sometimes.

Another point that I would like to emphasize is the social activites of university is a very important part of a student life, therefore it is vital to ensure the range of social, sports, and cultural activities and clubs offered by the university match your requirements. This is because taking a degree is not all studying, it is important to balance your life with some fun. This in turn can help you to find the right balance between working and socialising in the future.

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