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Choosing a Topic

Autism: Evaluations of biomedical and dietary intervention and their impact on autistic individuals. Interesting: yes it is something that is interesting to many people not just me. I feel that it is something that people need to know about. With the increase of autism it is an option that needs to get out there for people to know. Researchable: Yes it is very researchable. There are so many web sits on this. You can find so much on the internet. Most schools for the autistic also have some information on the biomedical and dietary intervention. One that is researching this can also talk to the older highly functional autistic individuals.

These individuals can let you know there personal experiences. Important: It is very important with the increase of autism. I only had one person respond to my post. My class mate wanted to know if there was a connection between autism and celiac disease. She has a friend that has this disease and her friend has gone through a dietary intervention and she thought that there may be a connection in the two. To tell the truth I have never heard of celiac disease, but I will look into it to see if there is anything in commune.

Describe two controversies surrounding this topic.

Yes this is a very controversial topic. This is due to the fact that when one is on a biomedical or dietary intervention most of the time they stop taking their pharmaceutical drugs. The thought behind the intervention is that if you remove some foods from the diet such as gluten or dairy you may remove the problem. The problem is a gastrointestinal disturbance. The other is that when you take some foods out of your diet you also take out the vitamins that are in that food, so the patient has to take supplements in order to get what the body needs. Some families look at it as you take away one or two drugs just to change the diet just to add a hand full of supplements. I don’t know about you but as a mother I would rather have my child take a hand full of supplements just to get rid of a few harm full pharmaceuticals.

Describe which side of the argument you feel is the right and why. I feel that it should be tried. What could it hurt? If your child if allergic to the food he/she eats then get rid of the problem, the food. If you could make your child feel better and not be on all kinds of medicine what would you do? It is just that simple. Yes you will have to change the way you shop but what parent would not go to the ends of the earth for their child?

Formulate a working thesis statement.

Autism: Evaluations of biomedical and dietary intervention and their impact on autistic individuals. There is not a cure for autism but we can help decrease the frequencies of the autistic outburst.

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