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Choose a Topic from Your Personal Knowledge and Experience Essay

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My whole wedding planning experience and the day I got married July 4, 2008 are the most memorable days of my life. The reason for choosing July 4 was because that was the day we became girlfriend and boyfriend. I realized it was time to get married after observing my boyfriend and getting to know him better, I decided he was the one with whom I wanted to share the rest of my life with. It was during the month of March when we picked out our wedding date.

I noticed the time was nearing so quickly. Finally time to start planning. First I made an appointment with David’s Bridal to try on wedding dresses. One day while my husband was out working my best friend offered to take me. I then looked through a catalog and marked my favorite dresses. I am a very picky person. So I wanted my wedding dress to be the perfect one. I like to take my time in order to make a good decision.

The Lady who brought out the dresses wasn’t helping much.

It seems like she really didn’t care and I could walk out with any dress as long as she made a sale. I really liked one dress a lot. But it was time to go my appointment was over. I still wanted to try on more dresses just in case there was another dress way over the top beautiful. The lady said if I wanted to try on more dresses I should make another appointment. I finally left with a dress in mind. My next plan was to decide on where I wanted to get married. I began to do some local research on the Internet. I wrote down numbers and called. They were either all booked out or closed on July 4. I finally got too frustrated that I was thinking about canceling all my plans for a wedding and take a trip to the courthouse instead. No hassles and stress free is the way to be. I still wanted a wedding dress even to get married at the courthouse. I still wanted something special for us even though it was going to be the two of us. A few months went by getting closer to the date.

One day my husband and I were taking care of errands when we pass a place that turns out to be a place to have a wedding. So we go check it out and really loved the place. It made us change our mind to have a wedding. A few days later I went into a store to look around at wedding stuff. There was a lady there that introduced me to her. Her name was Patty. She was really nice and really cared it turns out she does photography, catering makes cakes and more. Everything I needed. So one day my husband and I were driving around and I see this big yellow sign from the road. I tell him to turn around to see what it said. It was a big beautiful mansion. That read weddings, parties and graduations. We go in there the lady shows the package plans available and gives us details. We were sitting with her at a round table. She just starred at us with those eyes that say sign the contract already. It didn’t seem like she realized that it was a big step to take.

A lot of money and a lot of things to think about. We talked about it and decided to take the offer only 4 days left until July 4. We told my family about it and my mom was thrilled. On the other hand my grandma was saying we couldn’t plan a wedding in four days. Even though I was telling her I already paid for it and signed the contract. She thought it was too impossible for me. The lady patty told me from the store she could be my photographer. She also made my bouquet for me. My husband took me back to David’s bridal. I invited my two sisters to come along. I tried on a few more dresses while my husband stayed out in the car.

He can’t see me until our wedding day of course. I picked out my necklace, earrings, and tiara. My sister bought me a veil as a wedding gift. I was ready to check out. I ended up buying the dress I liked from the first appointment. My husband and I went to look for rings that same day we went to zales. A lot of rings to choose from and I was stuck between two favorites. I finally picked out the one I liked so did my husband. Except I did something different he bought me an engagement ring to be my wedding ring. I like them better. We bought the rings and I decided

4 years ago

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So we had to come pick it up another day. We were worried it wouldn’t be ready on the day of our wedding, But unfortunately it was. We went to the wedding rehearsal it was just me and him. My husband doesn’t speak english. So we practiced him saying the vowels. We decided he would just repeat after the minister on the actual wedding day. He sounded just like an american speaking. We then went over the walk one time and she said we were done. I expected more practice than that. I thought you practiced until you got it all down.

This was our first experience and she didn’t even let us practice enough to get the feel. Well we finally left very worried with no good rehersal. I got some copies of the directions from map quest. I told my family about the wedding event. And where it would take place. I don’t know why but everyone was making up lame excuses. My Grandma said she couldn’t drive in the dark. My aunt said there would be too much traffic. 4 years ago to leave my ring with Zales to get it sized.

My appointments turned out to be a disaster. So many things went wrong that it’s not even funny. The lady that waxed my eyebrows messed them up so badly. She left unwanted hairs everywhere. Then I made a spray tan appointment. I was supposed to start noticing change in the color of my body in two hours. I was so dissapointed there wasn’t even a difference. It was finally time to go pick up our rings. My ring was yellow it looked fake. I got upset started crying because the ring was so expensive and I wasn’t happy with it. I complained to them about the yellow ring. Thank God I had two favorites. I asked them if they could switch it out for the other one I liked. I felt so relieved when they said yes I could switch. Then they gave us a little bad news. They said when they were in the process of sizing the ring it shredded. They said it was a bad ring. They had to get him another ring but the same one and resize it again.

4 years ago

A few other members in my family were coming up with excuses. That was really odd. My family was not supportive at all except all my sisters. My husband had to pay for the whole wedding. I didn’t even get any gifts. Now July 4, 2008 is finally here. I got my hair and makeup done by this old lady. She didn’t seem like she really cared either she just did an up do the way she liked it. She was also in a huge rush. She used makeup from the 1960’s literally. I could have done the work she did and better with the money she charged me. I started to get so emotional because I expected to look stunning. So here I am crying makeup and all. I got to my sister’s house looked in the mirror and said to myself not so bad after all. Did a few touch ups. Once I get my dress on everything will be all right. As random strangers tell me congratulations I’m starting to feel good. So here I am in shorts a t-shirt and wedding veil driving myself to my on wedding.

4 years ago

It was about a forty minute drive. I only had about twenty minutes to get my dress on and have time to actually think. Well what do you know my sister forgot one of my under garments. So I had to wait for my husband to bring it to me. He wasn’t even on his way yet. I should have already been in my dress. I put a few curls in my hair. It was time for it to start. My photographer got there with my beautiful twenty four red roses bouquet. She snapped a few pictures of me. Going down the staircase before anyone had seen me.

So I’m walking down the aisle and I see my husband standing waiting for me. We said our vowels. We finally kissed I will always remember when he said to me “You look beautiful”. Everything turned out miraculously. Even though we had no idea what we were doing it all fell into place. It looked like we knew what we were doing and have already been married four times.

4 years ago

You see through my wedding experience the planning and appointments can get stressful. Even though my family was not supportive they came to my wedding. I didn’t really care even if it was just going to be the two of us. I really showed my family I could do it. Nobody really cared but my photographer. She was the one telling us what to do even though it was not her job. To this day my Grandma’s always talking about how beautiful my wedding was. She always asks if she could borrow my pictures to show them off to people. Like at church work and family that didn’t get to come. So have faith in your wedding. As long as you and your other half stick together and believe everything will turn out great.

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