Choices, consequences and Conflict Resolution

I. Reading: circle the word that best finishes the sentences. (10 points each) /20

Read the paragraph and select the answer based on what we learn about conflict resolution.

Maria is having a conflict with her coworker Brenda. Brenda is coming late to work and Maria ends up doing her work and Brenda’s work. Maria does not know what to do but she fears that if Bread keeps coming late they will both lose their jobs, because the work is not getting done on time.

What should Brenda do?

a. Don’t say anything to Bread and Just keep working faster b. Pull Brenda to the side and explain how the situation affects both of them c. Quit her job before she gets fired. d. Talk to her supervisor and ask her to fire Brenda

If Brenda gets upset with Maria, how should Maria react?
a. Maria should yell very loudly to show she is stronger
b. Maria should control her emotions and move forward
c. Maria should leave the room and find a supervisor
d. Maria should say it is ok for her to come late

II. Vocabulary: match the word with its definition.(10 points each) /60 Choice, consequences, conflict, resolution, mediate, professionalism An act of selecting or making a decision when faced with two or more possibilities.| A disagreement between two or more people.| Intervene in a dispute to bring about an agreement or reconciliation| To reach an agreement. To find an answer. To end a conflict. | The competence or skill expected of a professional.

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| Something that logically or naturally follows from an action or condition| | |

III. Writing: During the past month we learned about the 10 Rules of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Please write one to two paragraphs about the consequences of not following the 10 Rules. (20 points) /20

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