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Essay on Chocolate

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Impact of Dark Chocolate on Your Health

Although it seems too good to be true, dark chocolate can actually be good for you! Despite the fact that sweets are not the healthiest food in the world, dark chocolate, when consumed in moderation, has some powerful benefits, not only for the mood, but also for the body. However, only dark chocolate is beneficial for health, not white, semi-sweet, milk or any other type of chocolate. Most people think that everything chocolate-related is unhealthy and they always feel guilty…...

Whittaker’s - brand of chocolate in New Zealand

Whittaker’s is most trusted brand of chocolate in New Zealand. Whittaker’s headquarters are located at Porirua, Wellington, New Zealand. Whittaker’s was founded by J.H Whittaker in Christchurch. James Henry Whittaker worked in the British confectionery industry at the age of 14 and moved to Christchurch, New Zealand, in 1890. Six years later he started manufacturing chocolate confectionery, selling it directly to customers. In 1913, he established a partnership with his two sons, Ronald and James, based in Wellington. The business…...

Kit Kat Company Analysis

Introduction Nestle has won, after 7 years, trademark battle against Cadbury over the four-fingered shape of the Nestle product - KitKat. Nestle is the Swiss multinational company in snack food, health-related goods industry. Nestle is the largest food company in the world by its revenue. Their products include baby food, bottle water, cereals, coffee, chocolate bars and many others. The most popular products are Nespresso, Nescafe, KitKat, Maggi and Nesquick. Nestlé’s largest competitors are Kraft Foods, Unilever and Mars incorporated.…...

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Questionnaire on Chocolates

Name : ____________________________________________ Gender : _____________ Age group : 16-20 yrs 21- 30 yrs What do you normally prefer to eat as a sweet item ___________________________ Do you like chocolates? Very much Okay Not much Not at all How many times you buy chocolates? Once every day 2- 3 times a week Once a week On special occasions only Others, please specify What do chocolates signify to you? ________________________________________ Where do you normally buy chocolates from? Your local kirana shops…...

UK chocolate market structure

The UK confectionery market has been forecast to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 2.16% over the next five years, increasing from a per-capita consumption of over 8.7Kg at the start of 2012, to reach just over 9.4Kg by 2017. According to a recent report, 'The Future of the Confectionery Market in the United Kingdom to 2017,' in terms of categories, 'Chocolate' is forecast to continue as the largest sector in the industry, and will see a…...

Strategic Choices by Nestle (Chocolate & Confectionery division)

Strategic Management Assignment two On Strategic Choices made by Nestle (Chocolate & Confectionery Division) Introduction The strategic Choices made by Nestlé’s Chocolate & Confectionaries division are discussed on the basis of the cost leadership strategy, differentiation strategies and Focus strategies used in the Generic strategies and in the corporate level strategic directions used by the Nestle Head office in Switzerland in the strategic tie ups with speciality chocolate makers initiated by the company to gain market majority market share in…...

Custom Coffee & Chocolate

According to the overview of Custom Coffee & Chocolate’s business, Bonnie Brewer and Stacy Kim run a small café where they serve unique coffee, chocolates and maintain a shop. The café is located near a university, where students, faculty, staff, and local residents are the main customers. They have run the business successfully, working together without any employees and selling their products only in the café. They have started to think about further development. The main question at this point…...

Charles Chocolates Case

In March of 2012 Steve Parkland was hired as the new president at Charles Chocolates. He was right away faced with various decisions about the future of the business. The board of directors had actually charged Parkland with doubling or tripling the size of the company over the next years, however the board and the senior management group had different viewpoints about the strategy that would accomplish this objective. The primary problems that Parkland dealt with were how to increase…...

Nestle Malaysia Berhad

Introduction We have chosen Nestle (Malaysia) Berhad as the company for us to do research on it. Nestle (Malaysia) Berhad began in Malaysia in 1912 and the first factory was in Petaling Jaya. Nestle Malaysia has 7 manufacturing factories now and operates the headquarters in Mutiara Damasara. Nestle Malaysia was listed on the Bursa Malaysia on 13 December 1989 in Main Market under Consumer Product sector. Today, Nestle (Malaysia) Berhad employs more than 5000 employees and manufactures more than 300…...

Dream Chocolate Company

Analysis of D.C.’s Competitive Environment and Information Need Dream Chocolate (D.C.) is a small company trying to survive in an industry with many competitors. The competitive environment comes from some factors. Firstly, D.C. bars are sold in specialty markets, fine gift stores and also available online. However, the competitive companies can also provide various chocolate bars for customers with the low price on the Internet. Secondly, comparing to the big chocolate company like Mars, D.C. is a small company that…...

Marketing Strategy Analysis: Dove Milk Chocolate

Target Market Geography: New Jersey is a highly populated area located on the east coast of the United States of America with an array of different cultures (Mars Nutrition Incorporation, 2012) Rationale: The high population of New Jersey would provide a very large source of consumers regardless of the cultures Age: Gender: Both men and women. Rationale: At the very young ages, both genders consume chocolate and other confectionery at the same rates. However, with increase in age, chocolate becomes…...

Significance Of Fire In Like Water For Chocolate

In the novel Like Water for Chocolate, by Laura Esquivel, fire is used as imagery to symbolize the release of strong, intense passion by the characters of the novel. Fire as well as coldness ( which is used to describe the absense of passion) influences the way that the reader views the characters, Mama Elena, Tita, Pedro, Rosaura and Gertrudis and illustrates the love, lust and emotion that are common themes throughout the text. Fire can be linked with two…...

Slavery in the Chocolate Industry in West Africa

The case "Slavery in the Chocolate Industry" discusses labor exploitation in the chocolate industry. It specifically addresses the cocoa beans grown on farms in West Africa, especially the Ivory Coast and Ghana, which make up close to half of the world's chocolate. The cocoa farmers of these nations, however, often rely on slaves to harvest their beans, and in some cases, enslavement of young males (Velasquez, 2006). This paper will discuss the various ethical issues raised by this case, whether…...

Marketing strategies of the mass-market chocolate industry

This report is an evaluation of the marketing strategies used in the mass-market chocolate confection industry in the United Kingdom (UK). The four brands this report studies in detail are Cadbury, Galaxy, Kit Kat, and Maltesers. The UK mass-marker chocolate confectionary market is the biggest in the European Union and sales are heavily reliant on a solid marketing strategy. Using the four brands mentioned above this report investigated the following, segmentation, targeting and positioning, consumer buyer behaviour, promotion, pricing, product,…...

Cowgirl Chocolates

Marilyn Lysohir and her husband, Ross Coates started Cowgirl Chocolates located on 3rd street in Moscow, Idaho in 1997. Cowgirl Chocolates offered hot and spicy creations in three basic forms: individually wrapped truffles, chocolate bars, and a hot caramel dessert sauce and provided various packaging offers such as gift boxes, collectible tins, plain plastic bags or gold wrappers. Truffles were available in plain chocolate, mint, orange, lime tequila, and espresso and the chocolate bars were available in orange espresso or…...

Montreaux Chocolate Case

2. Evaluate the achievability of the company objectives for Montreaux USA. Identify the most salient (or important) aspects of the chocolate confectionary industry, globally and domestically, that are critical for understanding a new product introduction of this type. Provide support for your conclusions. The objectives that Montreaux USA wants to achieve in the coming 3 years are national distribution of the new Montreaux product line, $15 million in annual sales, and to be within the top 25 in revenue. Accounting…...

Scharffen Berger Chocolate Maker Analysis

1. Describe the brand position of Scharffen Berger. How does the current production process add to that brand? a. Scharffen Berger Chocolate's worth position is "producing chocolate of the greatest quality possible with the finest cacao possible." It is a premium priced item with strong brand recognition. b. The business's use traditional artisan production technique permits it to differentiate itself from competitors by being one of just a few brands that produces chocolates "from beans to bars." It has strict…...

The Hershey’s Company Mission

The Hershey’s company mission is “Bringing sweet moments of Hershey happiness to the world every day. ” Hershey’s mission statement is short and sweet. They are able to address the majority of the nine components of the mission Statement with one sentence. Their customers are the world, their product is Hershey, their market is the world, their philosophy is to bring happiness, and their self-concept is that they perceive themselves as a company that can bring happy moments to individuals…...

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Inc

1. Introduction The establishment of Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Ico. (RMCF), was in 1982 as a public offering business. It had a global focus and was able to insert itself within the Canadian society and the United Arab Emirates community. Its main activity is within the confectionery industry. The Board of Directors (BoD) has kept its vision and contributed to the success of the business and has carried it to higher levels of efficiency. The innovative capacity of its personnel…...

Concluding Case - Custom Coffee & Chocolate

Billions of individuals throughout the globe pick to have a cup of coffee each early morning to begin the day or as an early morning work break but coffee has become more than just a drink. Coffee has actually become an ingrained part of numerous cultures and coffee bar can be found in the majority of every city all over the world. It is little wonder that coffee ranks amongst the world's biggest commodity markets second only to oil ("Harmful…...

Cadbury Case

Case Summary Cadbury Plc. is a multinational confectionery (chocolate, chewing gum and candy) company which was founded in 1824 by John Cadbury. In the first years, a time when only wealthy people could afford its products, Cadbury only sold cocoa and chocolate. After World War I, Cadbury started its mass production of chocolate and later was consequently enlarging the company’s capabilities and portfolio via acquisitions and the creation of further products and stand-alone brands. In 2003, Cadbury made a momentous…...

Chocolate Soap Feasibility Study

This chapter is where you will be able to read the entire description of the Des chocolate soap physically, and substantially. The proponents also gave emphasis on the benefits the consumer could gain upon using the product which is the smoothness of the skin. This is also where they can see the demand and supply analysis as well as the price study of the product. Product Description The product is chocolate soap. It shall be named Dés as a play…...

The Chocolate War: To Ban or To Not Be Banned

In Robert Cormier’s The Chocolate War, the story itself may be considered a little controversial. Although the storyline is interesting and many people had their eyes glued to the page, others believe that some parts in the book are too controversial that it should be banned in schools. I personally believe that even though The Chocolate War was an interesting book to read, it should be banned from schools. While reading The Chocolate War, I noticed that the way Cormier…...

Slavery in the Chocolate Industry

1. What are the systemic, corporate, and individual ethical issues raised by this case? I think the government of both countries which is the producer of the cocoa beans and the manufacturer should establish an agreement for the protection of the children, with private and government investment, create an institution to oversee the performance of the farms, in which each producer farms should be registered for be allowed to run, and this institution should have personnel able to visit at…...

Benefits of Eating Dark Chocolate

I have a great news for those people who just love to eat chocolates, especially dark chocolate. According to several researches conducted on dark chocolate, it is proved that there are so many health benefits of eating dark chocolate in a moderate amount. Please note, only dark chocolate is beneficial for health not white, semi-sweet, milk or any other type of chocolate. Here, I have listed some crucial advantages of eating dark chocolate: Instant source of energy Dark chocolate is…...

Strategy of Rocky Mountain Chocolate Facter

The cornerstone of the Company’s growth strategy is to aggressively pursue unit growth opportunities in locations where the Company has traditionally been successful, to pursue new and developing real estate environments for franchisees which appear promising based on early sales results, and to improve and expand the retail store concept, such that previously untapped and unfeasible environments (such as most regional malls) generate sufficient revenue to support a successful Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory location. High Traffic Environments The Company currently…...

Cocoa Commodity

Background Cocoa beans are seeds of the cacao tree, which is a member of the Sterculiaceae family. Contained in a cucumber like fruit; these yellowish, reddish to brownish fruits are divided into five compartments each containing up to 10 seeds (Service). As the fruit begins to ripen, the partitions break down and the seeds are found around the central funicle in a whitish pulp. The cocoa seed (i.e. bean) consists of the seed coat which contains the cocoa kernel. The…...

Like Water for Chocolate

Like Water For Chocolate by Laura Squalevella Bantam Doubleday Dell Pub (Trd); ISBN: 0553472550 Copyright 1994 CHAPTER ONE. JANUARY. Chrutnuw Ro/ INGREDIENTS 1 can of arOin 1/2 choriw aaye oreyano 1 can of chitej rrano 10 haro ro PREPARATION: Take care to chop the onion fine. To keep from crying when you chop it (which is so annoying!), I suggest you place a little bit on your head. The trouble with crying over an onion is that once the chopping…...

Chocolat by Lasse Hallstrom

'Chocolat' a film directed by Lasse Hallstrom, centres around a small village by which on the surface area may appear serene and in 'serenity' however beyond the surface area lay lots of individuals and bigger groups of individuals, families, face concerns of seclusion, acceptance and tolerance within the neighborhood. These significant themes are portrayed through animated actors whom Hallstrom accentuates these ideas through filmic methods. Seclusion a major issue in this movie and Hallstrom has communicated this idea constantly throughout…...

Slavery in the Chocolate Industry in the 90s and 2000s

Group member: Li Ruixuan, Chen Yi, Ai Huanyu, Jin Peiyao, Wu Jindi. Research method: This case talks about Slavery in the chocolate industry. They treat children as slavery, and force them to do hard work. The reason by various factors, we can discuss form systemic, corporate and individual ethical issues. Such as systemic, economic systems should be taken into consideration. Cocoa bean prices had declined, between 1996 and 2000, the price control by the global market but farmers had no…...

Slavery in the Chocolate Industry: systemic, corporate and individual ethical issues

1.What are the systemic, corporate and individual ethical issues raised by this case? Slavery in the chocolate industry case has systemic, corporate and individual ethical issues.Firstly, from the point of systemic ethical issue , economic systems should be taken intoconsideration. Between 1996 and 2000, cocoa bean prices had declined. The decline wasdictated by the global forces over which farmers had no control. With low prices, farmersturned to slavery to try to cut labor cost for their survival in this situation.…...

Milton Hershey: The Chocolate Man

Milton Snavely Hershey, the majority of people hear that name and think of Hershey's chocolate. They assume that Milton Hershey started the Hershey Chocolate Company. Of course they are right, however who actually was Milton Hershey? That's what this paper is everything about. Milton Snavely Hershey Went from being bankrupt at thirty years old, to one of the richest males in America. He owned a candy company and an enormous factory, which today is one of the most popular sweet…...

Ferrero Rocher

Ferrero Rocher is the one of the multinational corporation in the world via the product: Ferrero Rocher that is kind of the chocolate and the it has a luxury perception to the customer who have some of reason that are price, packaging, and etc. As it is a FMCG (Fast Move Corporation Goods) in Malaysia, its sale portion has not been attracted in consumers’ behavior in purchasing consideration. Duo to of shown problems, Ferrero Rocher has changed as a newness…...

Milk and Chocolate

Ok, who wants milk that, has extra calories, should be banded, COCOLATE SUGAR DUUUUUU don’t you think the things that is in chocolate milk are bad. Don’t you think kids should have milk naturally from a cow, and it is white? Milk has lots of extra calories it is not good because it has 27 grams of carbohydrate and soft drink [soft drinks is like a sport drink for example Gatorade] has 14 grams. WOW that is crazy how does…...

Dairy Milk Bar by Cadbury Company

There’s been a bit of chatter about Cadbury over the past few months. First, Cadbury is going Fair Trade with their most popular product, the Dairy Milk bar. Since the bar is the United Kingdom’s #1 selling bar with $852 million in sales buying only fair trade cocoa will make a huge difference for cocoa growing regions. (It’s also #1 in Australia and India. ) The second bit of news is that Kraft, the global food powerhouse that owns not…...

Chocolate milk

Chocolate is one of the most popular food types and tastes worldwide. Chocolates have ended up being traditional presents among specific vacations; chocolate bunnies and eggs on Easter, chocolate hearts or chocolate in heart-shaped boxes on Valentine's Day. Chocolate is likewise utilized in cold and hot beverages, to produce chocolate milk and hot chocolate. A lot of chocolate lovers do not truly understand what or which type of chocolates they are eating. There are differs types and all differ in…...

Cocoa Beans for Luxurious Chocolate

Chocolate is typically sweetened food produced from the seed of tropical Theobroma cacao tree. Although cacao has been cultivated by many cultures for at least three millennia in Maxico and Central America, its earliest documented use is by the Olmecs of south central Mexico around 1100 BC. In fact, the majority of Mesoamerican people made chocolate beverages, including the Mayans and Aztecs. The seed of cacao tree have an intense bitter taste and must be fermented to develop the flavour.…...

Processing Chocolate

Chocolate can be made in many different forms (candy bars, cocoa, cakes, cookies, coating for other candies and fruits) and is probably America's most popular candy. Chocolate is neatly wrapped as the result of a long, delicate and complicated refining process that begins with the theobroma cacao tree. Any delicious bar of fine chocolate begins with the cacao tree. The secret behind cocoa has been dated back to the ancient Maya period. To the people of Mesoamerica, chocolate was a…...

Production of Chocolate

We tend to think of chocolate making as an assembly-line process. Most people picture automated presses plopping out candies onto conveyor belts at speeds unmatched by humans. But before cacao reaches the machinery of a chocolate factory, it must first pass through the hands of a farmer. Making chocolate takes years of manual labor. Like most agricultural crops, cacao must be closely monitored by farmers. They regularly walk their fields and check for pests, molds, and diseases that can potentially…...

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