Chocoberry Ideation Essay

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Chocoberry Ideation

• What techniques will you propose to CB to generate ideas that can be developed into viable concepts? Since this is CB’s first foray into consumer products I would propose that CB use all venues available to generate ideas that can be used to develop into successful products. The diagram given in the figure at the start of part II of the test book shows five routs:


End user
Other insiders
Other Outsiders
• Of the many methods for ideation offered in contemporary literature, which represents the best for CB in this situation, and why?

The technique I would recommend CB use in this situation is to conduct a problem analysis. The CEO would like the research team to create a cacao product that will have health benefits. Combining this requirement with a solution that would solve a customer problem would increase the success rate of a new product. The reason problem analysis is recommended: “As an advertising agency executive once said…problem list is far better predictor than want list.” Since problems are not product specific, CB can generate more ideas that can be used for product development. Additionally, I would propose that CB work with external resources since CB does not have any experience in product development or production for consumers. • Who might be selected to perform the ideation, and why? First of all, a new product development team must be created and assigned the project to work with internal and external resources.

To perform the ideation, all internal and external should be together to brainstorm and concept screening. The new product development team and the manufacturing team must be together. They can brainstorm and get a concept, then present the ideas to the CEO. In this case, both teams know that the target group is adults who wish to indulge in chocolate, but who have been concerned with the health aspects. Manufacturing must be present since there was a concern that not all product ideas can be produced. • Having screened the ideas to a select few, how are concepts generated from the ideas, and when? The concept should be generated by concentrating on the benefits of the new products bring to the consumer. Such that the new chocolate product will have health benefits that was recently discovered.

Idea Evaluation (50 points)

Once the ideas are generated, how might they be evaluated to maximize the number that has the greatest potential and to minimize the probability of rejecting excellent ideas? • Enumerate the criteria that might be applied to appropriately assess the ideas and to eventually rank them according to their potential for CB. Since the problem analysis was suggested as method for ideation, the following steps needs to take place: Determine the appropriate product or activity category for exploration. Identify a group of heavy product users or activity participants Gather from theses heavy product users or participants a set of problems associated with the current product • Who would conduct the evaluation and why?

I would propose an out side consultant with extensive experience in the consumer products in general, and the chocolate industry in particular. • Focusing on the select few concepts, what are the evaluative criteria that might be used to isolate the one or two that should be recommended for further development? I propose that a gap analysis be conducted which will identify the gap and fulfill the gap with new product. This will achieve two things: The new product will not compete with existing products in which CB will directly compete with its existing customers. The new product will fulfill a gap that exists in the chocolate for health category of product. • Who would conduct the concept evaluation and with what tools?

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