Chinese thrilling economy Essay

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Chinese thrilling economy

One of my Chinese class-fellow persuaded me to accept that China is emerging as a world super-power. He tried to convince by proving arguments that were based on misconceived notions. He also provides certain facts about Chinese thrilling economy, military might, its geo-strategic location. He further told me that China is capturing the world markets and heavy investments from world over are pouring in to bring an industrial revolution in the world.

Although he mentioned these facts but I was unconvinced as he was unable to provide figures. The most disappointing thing was that he only mentioned soft power and did not realize that hard power too helps in achieving the status of super-power. If could have provided me the growing influence of China in the international socio-economic affairs, then it could be a convincing persuasion. Further, the cultural influence of china could be another valid argument but he did not mention all these.

So his persuasion was an utter failure. I watched and analyzed John F. Kennedy Moon Speech in Rice Stadium in 1962. Kennedy uses his body language in a subtle way that augments the emotional effect of his speech. His body language is embellished and his movements are appropriate. He stresses his point of view on certain points by use of hands only and looks around to get the full attention of his audience. This speech is based on emotional appeal but some elements of logic are also manifested here and there.

Although he provides the motives for the space program and historical land on moon but these logics are little convincing but he skillfully utilizes the emotional appeal. He sums the history of million years into a century and consider the “moon landing” the most important event of this century. He messages were very specific and he used illustrative language to show the importance this historical event. His speech is not direct but it does not create any confusion as audience is well aware of the purpose of speech already.

URL: http://www. space-video. info/speech/19620912-jfk-rice. html

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