Chinese philosophy Essay

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Chinese philosophy

The pair lived in a time of immense social disorder and religious skepticism. They developed the notion of the Dao (way, or path) as the origin of all creation and the force (unknowable in its essence but observable in its manifestations) that lies behind the functions and changes of the natural world. Daoism

Chinese religion “mirrors the social landscape of its adherents. There are as many meanings as there are vantage points.” This can be very confusing to outsiders…

Daoism and Confucianism existed together. At various points in one life, you might follow either. (There are many who only practice one) Due to the social disorder of the time, the question was: what is the basis of a stable, unified, and enduring social order? Their answer was the Dao.

Nature, after all, was much more stable than anything humans can create. Healthy human life could flourish only in accordance with Dao. Nature, simplicity, a free-and-easy approach to life.

Daoism To be skillful and creative, they had to have inner spiritual concentration and put aside concern with externals, such as monetary rewards, fame, and praise. Artisans were typically very good at this idea.

When stressed, or seeking an escape, the Daoist might retire to the countryside, or mountains and write a poem or paint a picture. This was an attempt to capture the simplicity of nature in their own lives. Daoism

In Chinese society, Daoism created the Chinese love of nature It also inspired an intense affirmation of life: physical life: health, well-being, vitality, longevity, and even immortality. Some Chinese sought the fountain of youth, or herbs and plants that would extend life. This lead to the wealth of knowledge in Chinese medicine.

There were kind of gods…
The gods and Jade Emperor could be seen as the supreme rulers. Obeying the rulers on earth would prepare you to follow him later on. The demons and ghosts of hell acted like and were treated like the bullies, outlaws, and strangers in the real world. All things were the manifestation of the one Dao.

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