China Child Policy Essay

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China Child Policy

One of the things that people love and appreciate about the U.S.A is the fact that it’s a free country. There is about 322 million people that live in the U.S, each day marks thousands of new lives and deaths. Some people, like myself enjoy big and crowded families so they usually have more than 1 child. Now imagine having three kids and have two of them taken away from you because you’re not supposed to have more than 1. It sounds unfair and controlling but in China the “one child policy takes place”. China’s one child policy was first announced in 1979 by the Chinese president Deng Xiaoping as a method of controlling the fast growing population to help raise living standards. The policy limits couples to one child. In 1983 fourteen million women in china had abortions forced and organized by the same family-planning committee that killed Feng’s baby. In 2009, there were six million abortions. Now the government is working on letting certain couples have an extra child but only if both parties were born under the one child policy and had no siblings growing up.

That way they prevent a drastic decrease in the population. I, personally think it’s unfair and too controlling of the Chinese government to control how many kids a family can have because it’s cruel and unfair to break up families like that. If a woman dares to get pregnant a second time, fines, pressures to abort the baby, and even forced sterilization will accompany her through her second pregnancy. For example a 23 year-old Chinese girl called Feng Jiamei was forced into abortion in the seventh month of pregnancy, the baby was killed by local Chinese “family-planning officials.” For one thing, people should have the freedom to decide how big a family they want. China’s once child policy takes away Chinese people’s human rights. Most Chinese kids don’t know what it feels like to have siblings, aunties, uncles, cousins etc. The Chinese government basically a dictatorship because they tell people how to run their families. China’s one child policy takes away from the people’s human rights and I believe the Chinese population should rise up against the government and the “one child policy” policy because that’s unfair and the punishments such as forced abortion and sterilization are cruel and unusual. Chinese people need to rise up one day and let their voices be heard.

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