China as Traveling and Living Place

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In this essay I will be talking about china. But mostly I am going to be pointing to their economy, population, ecosystem, and food.

First, I am going to be talking about their economy. China is growing three times the rate of the 19 euro nations. All of Asia’s economy surpasses all of the Americas. China is one of the riches places in the world. China is an economic powerhouse and they cannot be touched by anyone. We are in so much debt with china its crazy we will probably never be able to pay all this back.

But they have so much money they wouldn’t care. China uses renminbi as currency. China has changed from factory to laboratory mostly. Since the 1970s the economy of china has grown at a rate of 10% a year. Chinas economy is bigger than Germany and japans. China produces five times the number of science, technology, engineering and math graduates than the usa. Most people that has a job in china is very under paid, so they don’t have that much money to do anything they want to do.

They work very long hours for change or little to nothing. Most of the money goes to the government.

Now I’m going to talk about china’s population. China is one of the most populated places one this whole earth. There population is 1.379 billion people in this small country. They were producing so many kids they made a reproductive policy. The policy was one child per family policy after twenty five years.

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But in a little more than a decade china will not be the most populated place anymore because India is working their way up at a very fast rate and the will become the most populated place in this world. China is in east Asia. China is the home of the great wall of china which is 13,170.696 miles long. The population in china is growing every day, pretty soon it will not be enough space for all the people in china. Most of the people in china worship Buddhism but everyone has a freedom of belief. China is very over populated it is way too many people in one spot. Their houses look like a small shake. There are thousands of people in each town you go too. The xiongan new area, will be three times the sizes of New York city.

Now I’m going to be talking about china’s ecosystem. China is one of the most polluted places in the world. Lots of animals in china’s ecosystem are dying off because so much pollution. In china there is rapid industrialization, population growth, and lax environmental oversight have caused many environmental issues. In china because the population rate is so great they are running out of water to give to the people, because the other half of the water is very polluted, and you cannot drink it. More problems china is facing is that it’s turning into desert. They need to start changing their ways, so china can get back to what it used to look like. They need to show more attention to their rivers getting destroyed by lots of stuff including pollution. Their forests are getting cut down more and more which pushes all the animals deeper into the forest or into the human’s way. The air in china is toxic and resembles nuclear winter. But even after all that china is a very diverse place mixed with lots of animals and even more non living things. If they find a way to clean up china, it will be one of the best places to visit.

Now I’m going to be talking about the best part, their food. In my opinion china has some of the best food you will ever taste. The only thing that is bad is soy sauce. If you’re ever going to go visit china the best thing you will do is go, try the food it will be the best decision you had ever made. After you eat this food you should wash it down with a very good drink from a stand. China is a very fantastic place to visit and make sure if you visit eat at a restaurant before you leave and right after you get there. I don’t know how most people in china stay so slim with all that good food around them. Compared to us they are so much skinnier then most of the people here. If I lived there around all that good food I would be obese right now. But they mainly eat rice so that’s a big reason they haven’t picked up a lot of pounds. In china they rarely eat pig because you get really fat from eating pig meat. So if I was you I would stop eating pig.

To end my paper, I am going to say china is a very beautiful place to visit with the family but watch out for the pollution and be safe out there.

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