Children’s Play and Their Physical Health Essay

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Children’s Play and Their Physical Health

Play among children is a vital essentiality as it leads to social, cognitive and physical development among them during their childhood development. Therefore play among children is a normal routine that emerges during this period of growth. They get to involve themselves in humorous activities i. e. various games like hide and seek hide, foot ball, computer games, and several others which seem to be of interest to them. Through this they are able to enhance their physical health appropriately in the below ways.

Through physical play like football and athletics children are able to reduce the prevalence of obesity thus they are able to grow being physically fit and healthly. Also it is through play that Children develop creativity that is derived from imagination, physical cognation and dexterity. Physical exposure of children to play is an essential element of growth and development as it reduces risks of a child to heart diseases later in life.

Physical fitness of children is built up as they tend to develop strong muscles through the activities of playing such as playing on the ground play equipment, climbing trees, tugs of wars e. t. c thus making them stable. Play also impacts on Bone strengthening and development especially through ground playing activities such as running, basketball, tennis, rope jumping and hopscotch.

Cardio respiratory fitness among children is increased though aerobic activities e. . running, hopping, , dancing, skipping, swimming, bicycling e. t. c Play requires a lot of energy thus children participating need to acquire strength for the activities, therefore a balanced diet is important to enhance their capability to get involved and develop physical health growth. Therefore children play should be emphasized and greatly encouraged through their whole process of development by their parents, teachers, relatives, leaders e. t. c

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