Children’s overall development needs

Describe children’s overall development needs. The overall developmental needs of a child are: Physical Development, Intellectual Development, Language Development, Emotional Development and Social Development. These are all needed to make a well rounded child. Factors such as social, economic and environmental factors also affect a child positively or negatively for example a child’s emotional development may suffer due to a death or separation and so they may become angry and so will not be able to focus on school work and so their intellectual development may suffer too.

The children’s overall development needs are:

1.The need for strong attachment with positive adults- Love and affection from their parents and carers is vital for their Emotional Development in order to learn to respect and trust others.

2.The need for competence and achievement- Children need a lot of opportunity to explore wide variety of experiences and interest to acquire the success and achievement to build their self esteem.

3.The need for physical activity- Children need to be active and physical exercise through physical activity for healthy muscle development in growing body.

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4.The need for positive social interaction- Children need a lot of opportunity to experience positive relationships with peers outside their family such as school as well as with their family members to develop social skills. Younger children will learn through play from which they learn how to cope with others and enjoyment of sharing pleasant time with peers. These positive relationships provide them the comfort, respect, new idea and awareness of feeling.

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5.The need for creative expression- Opportunities for creative expression is important to children’s intellectual and language development. Lots of opportunities help children develop the skills of expression to understanding and acceptance of themselves by speaking, writing or art. 6.The need for healthy lifestyle- Children need routine and nutritious diet in order to stay physically healthy and immune to health problems that affect negatively in all area of their developments.

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Children’s overall development needs

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