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Children Today Essay

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 5 (1221 words)
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There are many factors which lead to the way children act today. The way a child is raised, is a reflection of the lack of respect which an adolescent embraces for their elders. Over time, generations of human beings have become more reliant on technology. This has made mankind lazy and uncultured, causing a reflection on our children. Also, there have been many laws which were set against structure in a child’s life. Whether the child is at home, school, or with a care giver such as a “babysitter”, there are limits to how a child can be disciplined.

However, when a child has a lack of authoritative parents, it often times produces the young one’s disrespect for others. The powerful painting by Banksy entitled, Girl Patting Down Army Soldier, demonstrates role reversal between child and adult. The image clearly illustrates a young girl in a pink dress and pig-tails, patting down a strong, fierce soldier. Soldiers represent power and authority, and this little girl is taking over that roll.

This, to an extent, is the way our generation of children are becoming. They believe they are equals with adults in this world. They do this by bossing their parents around, and disrespecting them day after day. The way our world uses technology is only part of the reason why our children are so ignorant today. In the past, parents would send their children outside to get their pride and joy out of their hair and to have some fresh air. Presently, they set their child in front of a television to watch a show or play a video game. Due to the fact that most parents do not monitor every show or game their child takes part of, many children begin learning how to act by observing what is on the television screen in front of them.

The television show entitled, Toddlers and Tiaras, is a prime example of these types of shows. Here, children of various ages dress as though they are twenty years old, yet act the total opposite. Kids which are two and three yeas old talk back to their parents and constantly role their eyes at the people they love. There are also multiple children hitting their competition and parents when they do not get what they want. When any child watches this type of show, they often times will begin to mirror the negative behavior. In fact, according to Illinois State Medical Society’s experiment entitled, Monkey See Monkey Do, “In a matter of seconds, most children can mimic a movie or TV character, sing an advertising jingle or give other examples of what they have learned from watching media. These examples may include naming a popular brand of beer, striking a “sexy” pose, acting impolitely, or play fighting.

Children only have to put a movie into the DVD player, flip through the channels, open a magazine, click on a web site, pop a video game into an X-Box or watch television to experience all kinds of messages. The impact of these messages can build slowly when children see and hear them over and over again.” Our youth today does not understand what is real and what is not on the T.V. If kids do not have guidance from their parents, they will most likely begin transforming into impolite little people. Therefore, parents need to not place their child in front of the television, but rather spend more time with them.

Many kid’s care givers are also beginning to spend more time with their technology instead of their child. This is beginning to cause children to act up due to the fact they feel they are getting no attention. An article on The Washington Post entitled, Parents are ignoring their children for their Blackberry, stated, “If you’re taking [parental attention] away from the child, for what looks like it is not a good reason, kids might think, ‘What am I doing wrong that my parents don’t like me?’ and may start acting out to get their parents’ attention because they have a hard time distinguishing positive from negative attention.”

Although parents do not mean to push their child away and make them feel as though they are less important than their phone, they are. This is why our generation of kids are beginning to throw tantrums and are becoming more impolite.

The laws which have been set against a child’s punishment have changed tremendously over the past fifty years. This is a large factor of why our children have become so disrespectful to the people around them. In the past, teachers had the right to inflict corporal punishments on children. This is a form of discipline which ended around 1989 in Oregon. According to American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, corporal punishment is a method which a, “Supervising adult deliberately inflicts pain upon a child in response to a child’s unacceptable behavior.”

The purpose for this type of punishment was to try to prevent non-tolerated actions to reoccur. It was meant to change their long-term behaviors and to show the child what was and was not acceptable. In current times, children can not be touched in any physical matter from any one other than their parent or guardian. This is because it is now illegal to physically harm kids. This law has led some children to understand they can get away with excessive amounts of negative behaviors due to the fact there are less ramifications that follow their unfavorable actions. Because of these laws, kids can not be disciplined to any amount which the state would find excessive.

Therefor, when these kids become disrespectful, there is no possible way for the children to be disciplined by any teacher or caregiver. The law of non corporal punishment has effected our children to a point because they cannot be punished for their actions, making them more disrespectful.

There are many parents who hold a lack of authority. This is part of what is producing our youth’s disrespect for others. An authoritative parent is someone who expects a lot from their child. They also have strict rules which they predict will be followed at all times. These parents are also a large part of child rearing. According to ChildRearingMatters.com, “The aim is always to bring?out?the best in each child, and to prevent and overcome difficulties.” In other words, parenting. When a child’s parents lack this, their children in most cases, end up running the house. These children think they are their own parent. When this occurs, the adolescent ends up pushing their own parents around as well as the others around them.

Many children today are becoming unexceptionably disrespectful to their elders and others around them. This is due to the way they are raised and brought up since birth. There are three main aspects which have created this issue which is occurring now. These include the number of parents relying on technology, the laws which protect children from any form of physical discipline, and the lack of authoritative parents which these children have. If the way our children are raised never changes, the issue of disrespect towards others is only going to worsen. Having respect for other is a large aspect of life. If children can not learn how to respect others, how are they supposed to respect themselves?

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