Children spend too much time playing computer games

Agree or disagree: Your job has higher joy than your social life. With the previous years witnessing an excellent leap in the development of the society, we are now connecting great value to the sense of joy which can bring us power, arouse our enthusiasm for caring life, and assist us to produce a promising future. While some individuals think about tasks provide us with higher joy, I strengthen that our social life can achieve it better. Undoubtedly, our task brings happiness, as it can fulfill both our product and spiritual requirements.

We will realize our self worth and social value in our work, hence satisfying our spiritual requirements. For instance, when it concerns guys like Costs Gates, charity work reaches new levels of generosity and dedication.

Popular for founding the Expense Melinda Gates Foundation while likewise adding to lots of other causes, Gates is not just one of the wealthiest males in the world-he is likewise one of the most giving.

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I’m completely persuaded by the instance that one can gain happiness from work. However, a healthy relationship with our good friends is the source of joy and harbor of our heart. Communication with friends might assist us get away from the pressure in our work. When we are in blue, we can talk with our buddies, hence extricating ourselves from morbid feelings and even solving problems. Besides, some group work like singing, dancing and playing basketball together help us completely relaxed. Last but not the least, by taking part in social life, we can befriend people from all strolls of life.

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Hence, we can enlarge our social networking and have a better life. For circumstances, author Michael Lewis said at a speech:” One night I was welcomed to a dinner, where I sat beside the partner of a huge shot at a giant Wall Street financial investment bank, called Salomon Brothers. She more or less required her hubby to provide me a task. “Then he was so happy that he got a wonderful task and wrote the book Liar’s Poke which was a hit to the nation. If he did not take part in the dinner, he would never ever have actually become so successful and wonderful.

It is a hot issue that do you agree or disagree that your job has greater happiness than your social life does? Admittedly, your job provides opportunities(opportunities) for you to earn money and gain high career(status). However, can we say that job gives more happiness than social life does? Perhaps not; job also brings us about the deep pressure and deprives the leisure staying with friends. Despite various perspectives people hold on this controversial topic, I, given this choice, prefer to assert that social life has happiness than job does. My point of view, involves the fundamental and deep discussion(s) as follows.

In the first place, Social life brings us lots of happiness and leisure when staying with our friends. Both common sense and our experiences from our daily life inform us that friends are very familiar with us, and we can gain lots (of) happiness with them. Take me as an example, in my spare time I often invite my friend to go outdoors. We often go to the Starbucks Coffee and enjoy our hobby that she most likes mocha and(while) latte is myfavorite. There are also tens (of) tastes of cookies worthy to try. Most important, they are not very expensive. We oftensite(sit) outside, enjoying our happiness, talking to each other and playing chess. We both enjoy the leisure time and feel much happy. But how can it’s going when you doing your job, you must bear the pressure coming from high quality assignments(assignments with high quality requirements). Apparently, it’s(it is) indisputable that social life brings us more happiness.

In addition, an equally essential and compelling argument that deserves people’s attention is that social life enlarges our social relationships(relationship net) net and give(s) us many chances to improve ourselves. One only need to look at that in the last vacation, I participated into a social party with my parents, just as a big dinner with different people. A brother sitting nearby me kept talking with me and was very interesting. He got to know that I was a student preparing Toefl exam and had many difficulties. And(Fortunately) he was just a teacher from New Oriental School. He gave me many instructions about the listening, speaking, reading and writing learning. Then he gave me many valuable Toefl material(s)after the dinner. I followed his advice and improved my English. If I didn’t(did not) join the dinner, can I gain the improvement? Of course not. I felt happy not only because of the improvement of the English study but also because of the enlargement of the social relationships net(relationship net).

Admittedly, it is probably true that we can achieve the money and advancement from the job. But we also experience the high pressure and complex relationship with colleagues. What’s more, if we get caught in the sophisticated relationship, wewon’t(will not) be happy any more. When the advantage and disadvantage (are) carefully examined, the more striking conclusion is apparent that social life brings us more happiness than job does.

To sum up, although some people might still (be) unconvinced. But the reasons and factors I have analyzed make them more aware of the dimensions under discussions. There is little doubt that more and more people realize that social life has more happiness.

The lecture and the passage give contradictory opinions on the topic of the function of “great houses” of Chaco Canyon. The passage explains that there are three competing theories about their function, while the lecture provides several counterarguments to this view.

First, the professor challenges the idea expressed in the reading passage that the great structure purely for people to live. He argues that it is impossible for the structure to be residential although it looks like the later American apartment from outside. Because the house is so great that it could be capacity of more than a hundred families, while only around ten fireplaces have been found, which means it couldn’t serve so many people for their daily cooking.

Second, the passage suggests that the Chaco structures were used for grain storage while the lecture says that no trace of spilled maize or containers have been found, so they could not been used to store food. This is where the speaker disagrees with the write

Finally the lecture apparently refutes the point illustrated in the passage that the house was for ceremonies. According to the professor, there are lots of materials besides broken pots have been found, such as sands, stones, even construction tools, which provides good evidence that the pots may be the leftover from the meals of the construction worker, and which further proved that the house may be not used for ceremonies

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