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Children speech and language development Essay

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From the time of birth to three years, children’s brain known to grow quickly. This makes it very important for early intervention to treat autism disorder at this age. It needs a therapy hence during this age the children have not yet started going to school hence very available for this exercise. Also at this age children have less ingrained habits. This makes it easier to stop this behavior for it might turn to intractable once left for a long period.

2. The sharp rise may be because most mass media in most countries have no access to the right information.

It is also because of people neglecting vaccines and its additive. There is a lot of mercury present in many vaccines and this accelerates the development of autism among children. Mercury is not only harmful but it is toxic to our brains. 3. Naturalistic this is because it orients the child to the practical world. The children learns from the environment in which they live in and also pass.

In this case, students learn more on themselves and the environment as a whole. In so doing the children develop themselves as they interact with the rest of the world.

The environmental contribution to children’s speech and language acquisition is put in to weight by analysists. Skinner (1957). 4. An effective intervention may have the following elements: “Child talk” communication pattern. They should be outgrown well to avoid bringing learning problems to the child. One should make sure that communication skills are learned by the child before she is five years old. this is the age when the brain is developing quickly. The involvement of a pathologists is very important to children with speech disorder.

The child’s teacher should be aware of the best method to deliver the communication skills to the child during class time. The family of the child should also be involved during the development of objectives and methods of facilitating the most effective therapy. Counselors can be included for the suggestion of effective strategies which will assist in linking the several phases of development. The element of technology should be considered and the use of communication systems which mainly requires electronics. These are very important for people with physical l disabilities.

Brise, A. (2000). 5. It is a bit difficult for for speech to be replaced by reading during learning English because People cannot wait to learn instead of making speech because it is easier to pass the required information without much struggle. Speech is also the first and the quickest thing to be learn even before children start attending schools. The skills needed to compensate for children with visual impairments are: tools use and using modifications. Tools like braille for communication are very important. Use of computers and adaptations for writing. 6.

Some of the compensation required for visual impairment are using tools for example glasses, involving educational tasks for the children and providing opportunities that enable the students to interact with the environment. The teacher can also use large writings on the board and make use of recorded materials. The use of assistive technology is of importance especially during the writing practice. Leisure activities should also be provided to these people for the development of skills. Personal management should be allowed to visually impaired student who in order for them to judge their abilities and skills.

This will assist them live independently. Social interactions should highly be considered to enable the children grow in a relationship world. This will assist them solve their problems for companionship purposes. Mobility of the students either through traveling or having picnics should be put into consideration for it will help them understand the world better they live better. 7. A child with impairment may it be health or physical, will always be isolated by the rest who are healthy and fit. This isolation leads to loneliness among the impairment children .

They always lack partners to play with and to appreciate them. This in turn may lead to poor social development of the child. They often depend on themselves and only little assistance is received from their parents. Many people and communities see these people as a bad omen in the society and may look for any way to terminate them even before they reach the age of ten. Many people will look down upon them making them loss their self perception. This bad perception from many people on children with physical impairment should be avoided and instead introduction of homes to care for them be introduced.

8. Special curriculum should be provided for disabled people. Teaching practices should be of high class and clear discussions made. More concentration should be made on these people compared to those without special needs. 9. Bright students also require special education because this is a disability of a kind. They should never be mixed with the slow learners because they try to understand quickly to others. 10. Teachers should make sure that they organize a class discussion for all the students to participate in. this vigorous exercise will make all the student feel important and equal.

The teacher should organize for a games while teaching or during break hours. This will make all participate and refresh them too. Community service is important to all. This will make the student serve the community they live in. Both local and international internships should be organized for disabled students this also make them feel part and parcel of the community. Lesson plan by the teachers should be available to all the learners.

References. Skinner, D. (1957). Children speech and language development. Harvard university press. Brise, A. (2000). Communication disorders among the young people. Arlington.

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