Children should be required to help with household tasks

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?It is ture that only good students gain a higher education has its merits. They have the strong abilitiy to study new things and they have more passtive to explore something unsure. It is not only conductive to themselves, but also contributing a lot to society. However, no matter how outstanding they are, every citizens should be treated equally. Moreover, commonplace people also use their talent to make it better. Therefore, as far as I am concerned, a college or university education should be available to all students.

For one thing, all people have their own right to deside whether attend to a college or university and all people also should be treat equally whatever they are good or common. That is a basic rules that everyone should respect for others. If a college or university only choose the people who are amazing, that will hurt others who also desire to attend this school. It will lead to a adverse impact on them, even they are never stimulated by studying due to their odinary gift.

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In addtion, it is not a truth that good people are always good.

Some students might be not aware of their talent and they even do not know what field they want to engage or study before they go to a college or university. Once they attend there, they would find their own route, which fit them and they want to pursue. In this process, a host of people will gain their real dream, and in order to fulfill it, they will become diligent and ambitious.

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That is why many famous people have not high IQ or special capacity but still seccessful in the future. I think that they could be enlightened by higher education.

Some people believe that a college or university education should be available to all students. Others think that higher education should be available only to good students. Maybe both parties have their weights, however, I agree that all students should have the opportunity to receive higher education. To begin with, everyone has the right to receive a better education. It is very important for all the students get higher education. College education improves the quality of people and is a necessary preparation for the later social life. People learn not only knowledge and skills but also

interpersonal methods and experience. An higher education experience is of great help in finding a good job and living a good life. Moreover, it is not certain that good students in high school will be still “good” in further education. Many people claim that it is most effective to give Good students higher education. Nonetheless, there is not promise that every good student going to a college will graduate successfully. Jack, one of my university classmates is a good example. He rolled in the university with a very high score. However, he often was absent in class and indulged himself in drinking.

Subsequently, failing to pass many exams, he had to drop out. In this case, a university education is not benefit to Jack. However, many students who were not that good in high school can do well in their college. Many of them have the ability and potentiality to study well, but they did not realize the importance of education when they were in high school. After entering a college, they learn by heart, and become good college students. If they are derived the right to higher education, it will be a big loss to them and the society. To conclude, higher education plays an important role in one’s life.

All students have the right to study in a college or university, that is, higher education should be available to all the students, including both good students and bad students. People learn through their entire lives. They constantly improve their knowledge and gain new experience. I think that a college or university education should be available to all students because every person has the right to choose the way to self-perfection. Below I will give some reasons to support my position. First of all, every person should have the chance to get a higher degree, gain new knowledge and experience.

However, some people believe that higher education should be available only to good students. I think it is silly. It is like to make unavailable travelling for one who does not have IQ high enough. Secondly, some young people do not do well at school but they have great personality and ability to learn. They are self-confident, persistent and patient. With these qualities they can get higher grades than their classmates who are talented but lazy. Imagine for example situation when a teenager gets high grades because his or her parents constantly make him or her study and help to do most of the homework.

In this case a child is good at school but I think a college can show the opposite results. Finally, it is a discrimination against students to make available higher education only for good ones. So, if a student does poor and gets low grades he or she should be sent down. But if a person has never been given a chance to try himself or herself at college what one can do in this case? To sum up, I think that all young people should have the chance to get a higher education. To take or not this chance must be up to them.

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