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Children Poverty in the UK

In the UK there are about 4 million children affected by poverty, a fact which has a variety of effects on their health, their development and their well-being. According to Child Acton Group.(2020) there are a variety of potentially confounding factors associated with increased neonatal and post-neonatal mortality rates, greater risk of injuries resulting from accidents or physical abuse and neglect.

Children poverty in the UK is a growing problem and affects more than 4 million children. Poverty impacts children’s health and damages their development performance at school, which can affect their futures employment too.

It also impacts the society as a whole four million almost a third of children in the UK live in poverty that’s around nine in the average classroom. This number is expected to rise to five million by 2020/21., Almost two thirds of children living in poverty have at least one parent in work.

Thousands more families are living on the cusp of the poverty line. One unexpected setback like redundancy or illness could push them into the poverty trap According to the Child Society (2020).

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Higher risk for asthma, and lower developmental scores in a range of tests in schools at multiple ages. As stated by Nation Health (200). Relationship between poverty and child health and development, as yet there is no consensus on how poverty should be use to reflect its dynamic nature.

Perhaps more important is the lack of agreement on the set of controls that should be included in the modelling of this relationship in order to determine the true or net effect of poverty, independent of its cofactors.

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Children growing up in poverty experience many disadvantages which accumulate across the life become cycle going around them. Poverty has multiple, negative impacts on children’s outcomes can lead them to inequalities in health, cognitive development, psychosocial development and educational attainment. These inequalities are evident from preschool children through children during the school years, from entry into the labour market or to any other resources for retirement, from mortality rates in later life, and often on to the next generation.

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