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Children Playing Game of Word Wall

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What is Word Wall

The word wall is the collection of words that has various words. The word wall includes words that children can use in their daily learning environment. Different age groups use it in many ways. It can be math word wall that consist math symbols and numbers. The science word wall includes animal species or names. They can be use as a bulletin board. The word wall provides a platform for children to learn more easily and logically.

Why use a Word Wall

It helps children to understand different patterns. Word wall can be helpful in children’s reading, writing. By which they can develop reading ad writing skills. If any child spell a word incorrect than by word wall they can spell correctly with practice. Word wall give children a chance to develop their own words. Children can differentiate the words in many categories. Word wall shows children similarities and differences in different words that are used in the classroom.

How do I make a good Word Wall

To make a good word wall I will select the area which is visible to all the children in the classroom. I keep the word wall to less height through which children can touch the words with their finger so they can learn more frequently. My word wall background will be dark so it will be easier for children to see and understand. Word wall should have 3×5 card notes on which the words are written. In the word wall I will use different color markers.

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I cut the outer cover of the flash cards in different ways like for math numbers cards would be in shape of numbers (1,2,3,4). So that it will be more interesting for children. Word wall will be more creative for children.

How do I use it

I will teach children how to use the word wall. Always keep the word wall according to expectations of the children. I will arrange words in alphabetical order. Ask children about different words. I will be using the words in poems and games so they can practise. Took some words from the wall and give children to make sentences.

How I take it to next level

I will add some new words in the word wall after some days and ask children do, they know about these words. I will use the words in circle time like in morning poems and songs. I will keep all the flash cards with me so that can be use next time. Also use sticky notes for word wall that can remove easily when putting some new words. I will make list of all the words so that same words cannot be repeat next time.


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