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Children Education Essay

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With the development of world, children’s education is important for every family. Education has been developing rapidly. There are many aspects that affect children’s education. Nowadays, more and more poor children cannot go to school because they do not have enough money. However, learning knowledge and receiving education for children are very important. Each state’s education is not the same. In some countries, there are children who are educated by their parents at home rather than being taught by teachers at school.

If children do not have good educations, they cannot go to good university and their ideas cannot improve their countries. In China, we have nine years of compulsory education. It is good for children and every family. According to the research, the impacts on children’s education will be analyzed by responding to the following questions: 1. How does health effect children’s education? 2. How does IQ effect children’s education? 3. How does family effect children’s education? 4. How does money effect children’s education? How does health effect children’s education?

As we know, the health is important for everybody, especially children’s education. Health includes two parts. One is mental health. Nowadays, we have good quality of life and children can go to good school to study. The economic situation of many family are good, so many parents want to their children to learn piano, guitar, dance and draw etc. Children do not have enough time to do what they like to do and relax mood. The pressure of the children is very big and they will be afraid to learn. The most important of all that excessive psychological pressure will do a lot of damage.

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Some of children had attempted suicide because of the parents give their too much pressure. Another one is physical health. In Australia, indigenous children have lower achievement levels and education levels generally speaking. (Lyons & Janca, 2012) In some poor countries, they study in bad environment. It is easy to get some diseases. Because of the health problem, some of students get some diseases during school time, so they will miss class. If you get some disease, you will infect other people. They do not have enough money to treat an illness. It is dangerous.

In order to improve this situation, the government has implemented some equality treatment policy between indigenous and non- indigenous people. How does IQ effect children’s education? Everybody have different IQ. Every parent hopes their child has high IQ because their think the high IQ of learning is very important. Some necessary factors are effect children’s IQ. About children’s mental environment, the family is important to change children’s IQ. If the parents like to use brains, this is directly related to children’s mental development. If the parents are eager to learn, children will learn as parents.

If the parents just require their child to learn everyday but their do not work, like that child will not be willing to listen to you. The family relationships are also important. The single mothers and married mothers affect education is different. Each family atmosphere, emotion, quality, can effect children IQ. (Am, 2001) According to the research, between urban and rural areas the IQ of children between 6 to 11 ages will be change. Children do not have any experiences of life, the IQ will become low; the families also do not have any conditions of social material life, children’s IQ will become lower.

This is not good for children’s IQ development because children cannot try any new things and they cannot know much news. How does family effect children’s education? Nowadays, parents neglect their children in preschool education, this result in many kids have lower academic level and social skills then their classmate. Pre-education was assessed for children age between 60-72 months; the early education can teach children knowledge and let them cognitive more things. Aral et al. (2012) the early education can change children become more health and can change children negative behavior.

Parents can better know how to lead and support their children to success. Every parent’s education mood is not the same and the parent’s ideas are important to effect children’s education. The most important is parents had to respect them and parents should pay attention to education child way, they have to insisting on respect while still helping him move toward manhood. (Dunn, 2011) Parents need create a good environment to raise children health and improve their social skill knowledge. According to the report, parents of children are encouraged to have a positive effect.

A lot of information can support this point. How does money effect children education? At present, people attach great importance to the child’s education. Nowadays, social competition is very big. The money is important for every person. Because of some economic, many children cannot go to school and they cannot get a good education. Family has rich, children can get high education but if is the opposite, children just get normal education. Most family just have one child, their parents both hope they are can learn more things and pay a lot of money for their children.

The condition of their school is very good than those normal school. Their school have different classroom that teach different course. Children can learn more different knowledge and they can learn their favorite hobby. In recently year, there are many economic crisis, it would affect wealthy districts and many poor countries need the countries found. In 2006 years, court ruling that ordered the state to give each child enough money can get a good education. (“Money”, 2011). In the conclusion, children education cannot be neglected today.

Kids will become the core pillar of the world in the future. So, we must be concerned with them in many aspects, such as children’s health and family problem. In both psycho-health and physical health threaten children’s develop nowadays. Reference 1. Lyons, Z. , & Janca, A. (2012). Indigenous children in Australia: Health, education and optimism for the future. Australian Journal Of Education, 56(1), 5-21. 2. Aral, N. , Baran, G. , Gursoy, F. , Akyol, A. , Ayhan, A. , Bicakic, M. , & Erdogan, S. (2012).

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