Children and young peoples workforce Essay

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Children and young peoples workforce

Explain the risk and possible consequences for children and young people of being online and using a mobile phone. There are many different types of ricks and possible consequences when children are using the internet, such as cyber bullying, it can make children feel vulnerable, isolated and depressed. Another risk is going on chat rooms, this is a big risk as they get speaking to people that children do not no, they could be lying about their age, or sex, so if a child started speaking to someone who they met online there is a risk that something could happen to the child or young person. Another risk is seeing Inappropriate Material such as seeing the wrong thing for the age, e.g. pornographic, hateful or violent photos.

Using a mobile phone can also make you at risk as most mobile phones now have internet. ‘’while this provides opportunities for communication, interaction and entertainment, there are possible risk to children and young people’’ (children and young people’s workforce 2011, p139) protection harm includes doing things of their phone without their parents’ permission such as having contact with strangers, and looking at harmful context, which is not good for the child.

Describe ways of reducing rick of children and young people from: social networking, internet use, buying online, using a mobile phone. internet use When children are using the internet there should be filter systems in order so that it can prevent children and young people from looking at inappropriate materials. There also should be procedures in place that if a child or young people do see inappropriate materials so that they can report this. buying online

children and young people shouldn’t be given bank cards at a early age, but if they are they should be told about some of the consequences such as identity theft and security issues. To help prevent this you should make sure your virus software works and is up to date, only use retail shops that you trust and that you know are real websites and make sure that you have a strong password. using a mobile phone.

To help prevent consequences using a mobile phone you should phone an operator up so that they can put an internet filter on their phones so it won’t allow them to look at anything inappropriate if they are under 18, make sure they you register their phone and make sure you give them the right age.

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