Children and young people’s development Essay

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Children and young people’s development

Learning outcome 2: Understand the kinds of influences that effect children and young people’s development.

We can all be influenced by different things through life, a child’s emotional, physical, social, intellectual development can be affected by different influences, bullying, death, divorce and many more.


There are many different examples of how different aspects of development can have an affect on one another, here are a few examples. If a child speaks a foreign language as their first and they and their family have just moved to this country to live, this may lead to them having a language barrier, the child may be very shy, find it very hard to communicate with others and isolate themselves and finding it difficult to make friends. All of these can affect the child emotionally, socially, possibly creating behavioural problems and lowering their self-esteem, all having an effect on their development. A child who finds it difficult to interact with other children due to reasons such as bullying, may find it difficult to express how they feel, and unable to tell anyone what is happening to them.

This can affect the child, emotionally they may become very upset easily or even aggressive at times, they may be affected socially, thinking that all children are going to bully them and so isolating themselves from others, and losing confidence. These may all affect their ability to concentrate in the classroom and may in turn start affecting their levels. A child who may have a disability may find that not being able to participate with certain lessons for example PE, may leave them feeling that they are being isolated and that they are different to the others, this may affect their social, behavioural and emotional development.

Children and young people can be affected by different kinds of influences and these can have an effect on their development.

We all come from different backgrounds whether it be ethnic, cultural, our environment or just circumstances. It may be that the child speaks a foreign language and is finding it difficult to communicate with others. A child may have different cultural needs to those children within the school environment. The child may come from a deprived home where there is little money and the child is not getting sufficient nutrients to sustain them during a school day. Causing lack of concentration. Also the child’s parents may be going through a divorce or separation, this can be very traumatic for a child. All of these can have an effect on the development of a child, and their ability to learn.

Development can be affected if the child suffers with poor health or a physical disability. Low income and not being able to afford the right foods and nutrients will have an effect, physically and intellectually the child may be affected. A child with a physical disability may be emotionally and socially effected because of not being able to participate. It’s important that they are supported and included as much as possible.

Recognising and responding to children’s and young people’s development is important, it ensures the child or young person receives the right help and support. As soon as it is recognised that a child has a problem then the right action can be taken to ensure the child gets any help or support with their learning and they can also be monitored. If a child was ignored or the problem was not detected then their development may suffer, causing them to fall behind, or not reach their goals. You may have started to notice that a particular child is quieter than normal and isn’t their normal happy self, this could be a cause of concern, you may feel that you are able to ask the child if there is anything bothering them.

They may respond by telling you that their mum and dad are not getting along and dad has left the home. This may affect the emotional behaviour of the child as well as their social as they feel they can’t talk to any of their friends about it. You may feel it’s necessary to speak to their teacher, but it’s important that this is kept as confidential. It would then be necessary to monitor the child’s development and behaviour.

Being able to recognise and see a concern with a child can make all the difference to their development in the future. Being able to listen, understand and help is an important role to play as a TA.

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