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Childhood Essay Examples

Essay on Childhood

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Reflection Paper About the Movie "Every Child Is Special"

Difficulties test the courage, patience, perseverance and true character of a human being. Adversity and hardships make a person strong and ready to face the challenge of life with equanimity. There is no doubt that there can be no gain without pain. It is only when one toils and sweats it out that success is nourished and sustained. Thus, life is and should not be just a bed of roses; thorns are ...

Factors influencing child development

In brief, after I went through both the prominent figures’ biography, I found out that the nurture factors of a child comes hand in hand with physical development, cognitive development as well as language development . Due to the fact that both the prominent figures differ from the way they have been brought up, it is clearly evident that nurture factors do play a vital role in their developmen...

Child Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation

The Agenda for Action against Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children provides a detailed framework and categories of actions to be taken by governments in partnership with civil society organizations and other relevant actors for combating commercial sexual crimes against children. Broadly, these actions are focused on: 1) Coordination and Cooperation; 2) Prevention; 3) Protection; 4) Recovery...

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Support children and young people’s health and safety

It is important children learn to asses risks and learn how to manage them so when doing activities I talk about the risk and tell the children how to prevent accidents. I try to make this part of the activity without it been too intrusive to what they are doing. For example: When using scissors ensure the children know they are sharp and to only use them when sitting nicely at the table and to po...

Unit 7- Play and Learning in Children's Education

From this information the child’s key worker will be able to plan activates to see how able they are to do it and if it is too easy/ hard. Once the child is caring out the activates the staff can then begin to assess the child’s. This is when the key worker works out what the child is caper bale to do. The key worker is there to support the child throughout there time at the setting, (appendix...

Different aspects of development

Show risky behaviours: young people often turn to drugs and alcohol as a means of dealing with their problems as it makes them seem better for a while. Some young people result to self-harm as they feel that their life is worthless. Majority of the time, these risky behaviours are also carried out to get a bit of attention from peers and carers. This will affect areas of development including soci...

The Appropiate Age for Dating

I think a teen first needs to form an identity and know who he or she is, before they start dating. Many young teens are still defining themselves and they don't know themselves well enough to share who they are with someone else. Teens should have the enough maturity to deal with all these problems. If they are not mature enough, they would not know how to react in these situations, and they coul...

Children and Young People’s Health and Safety

Describe how people in the setting are made aware of risks and hazards and encouraged to work safely. To encourage staff to be aware of potential risks or hazards they are encouraged to think about ‘The Learning Environment’. The layout of classrooms should be safe nothing lying around that children could harm themselves on. There should be plenty of clutter free space to walk. No sharp edges ...


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The Child Poverty

5.3 Practitioners who actually do the work of supporting children who are experiencing poverty and disadvantage are in the best position to be agents and facilitators of change, simply because they are in the trenches, doing the work every day. They see the real need, they are best equipped, given their up-close vantage point, to see the way to solutions. In short, they know what they are talking ...

Child care

Evaluation is important as it helps out when planning and helps you to think about the learning that has taken place. Spending time going through the learning activities and seeing how students have responded to a certain question, can really help reshape it for the future classes. It is also important to look back and learning objects so you can measure what the children have learned. If you do n...

The Effects of Horror Movies on Children

It's common for many children to be scared of the dark, loud noises and creepy-crawly bugs. While these fears typically dissipate with age, they tend to linger or intensify when children watch scary and violent movies. For example, watching a movie about ghosts may make a little one more scared of open closet doors in a dark bedroom. Fears are real to little ones, and if a child does watch a scary...

Concentration helps the child in his social development

As Montessorians we continue to believe that education must concern itself with the development of individuality and allow the individual child to remain independent not only in the earliest years of childhood but through all the stages of his development. Dr. Montessori has termed the child as a “Spiritual Embryo”. As per a new born child is psychologically still in an embryonic state – hi...

Children and Young People Development

These are only a few of the many professionals working with children and young people to provide strategies and on-going support to ensure that the child’s need are met and that they are placed in the best possible education environment. Working together to provide a multi-agency approach will ensure a positive outcome for the child and their family enhancing and enabling the child to achieve t...

Children Should Be Paid for Doing Chores

It is evident that money has nothing to do with chores which are family duties. It overshadows the good reasons for doing household tasks. Indeed, when children do chores, they receive a sense of accomplishment, pride and increased self-confidence for a job well-done. Sometimes they also want to please their parents. As a consequence, putting a monetary value on chores eclipses all of those benefi...

Gwen Harwood "Father and Child"

This is further emphasised through the rhetorical question of “Who can be what you were?” showing the appreciation for her father, as she recalls her father’s “marvellous journey”. Also, the use of direct speech from the father asking, “Be your tears wet?” is an allusion to Shakespeare’s play “King Lear”, where King Lear asks this same question to his upset daughter Cordelia on...

The Childless One

Radha then got very confused and knew that the conversation she had had some years ago, had made the men send a message for Shripati. Shripati was about to leave, when Radha then said, that she had something to show him. She called out the name Mahadya, and a small dirty boy came out. Shripati wanted to know whom this was and Radha answered“ He is my son.” Shripati asked if she had no shame an...

The Effectiveness of Juvenile Curfews for Society

Curfews should be enacted as a household policy. Parents should be the ones telling the teenager what time they can come home and what time they can go out. Some teenagers are knowledgeable in knowing what is right and wrong while other teenagers need more discipline But it should all be on the parent responsible for the teenager’s actions, the law should not have a say in that aspect. The autho...

Child Developmental Theorists

Through Jean Piaget’s, Erik Erikson and Abraham Maslow’s theories we can see how each man has developed how they think children develop whether it be through language, cognitive, emotionally, socially or a mixture of all or some. Each theory gives an in depth explanation on how they think children and in some cases, adolescents develop. Some people only believe one theory but there are also ot...

Child and young person development

Emotionally they may be down about being here, there and everywhere on different appointments, so it is important that they have a good support network around them to give them some kind of stability during this time. There are a lot of negative affects children and young people can experience from certain situations, however sometimes positives can be taken from them. For example, as traumatic a...

Erickson stages of child development

Assess the history of thyroid or diabetes disease such as excessive thirst, hunger or urination. Delay in puberty and abnormal hair distributions. Nurse should know the anatomy and physiology associated with body system to be able to differentiate normal findings from abnormal findings. Health assessment is performed according to developmental stages. The parents and care givers should relate impo...

Compare and contrast Piaget’s and Vygotsky’s theories of cognitive development in children

Overall, there are differences between the Piaget’s theories and Vygotsky’s theories but in some point there were similarities. For instance, Vygotsky focused mainly in socio- cultural suggesting that where the child grows has vital role on his cognitive development. Whereas, Piaget’s theory were more related to schemas and stages of cognitive development which Piaget suggested that they we...

Rhetorical Devices

The rhetoric devices pathos, rhetorical questions, and repetition enhance the meaning in Kelly’s argument to make the audience want to pay attention to this horrific problem. She needs these people’s help and willingness to execute these children at work and creates a developed argument to do so. Pleading for help is what she knew she had to do and she did that with great emotion getting the a...

Child Labour

We have discussed examples and given arguments to show that such interventions are, in general, a desirable way of curbing child labor. However, many of these actions may not be feasible. There may not be money enough in the government’s coffers to run better schools or to improve the infrastructure which would result in higher adult wages. In such circumstances, should government resort to lega...

NCFE Level 2 Certificate for children and Young Peoples Workforce

Bites are usually easy to recognise. If a child has been bite I may see teeth marks or puncture wounds. Any cuts will usually be jagged. The bites also usually will have bruising with them, so I would see that the area is red and it may be slightly swollen. If I see the bite is badly bleeding or the child is seriously injured I will control the bleeding and call for an ambulance. But if the bite i...

Theories of Child Development

Psychology, Cheltenham, Nelson Thornes Ltd Boyd, D & Bee, H (2014) The Developing Child, Thirteeth edition, Edinburgh, Pearson Education Ltd. Aldridge, J, Goldman, R 2007 Excerpt from Current Issues and Trends In Education, p. 96-99.Pearson Allyn Bacon Prentice Hal, Merrill, an imprint of Pearson Education Inc. available at: http://www.education.com/reference/article/child-development-changing...

Implementing Policies and Procedures for Safeguarding Children

Some children find it difficult to respond to their peers, doing activities where they interact and use their own ideas to promote play this will also help them to boost their confidence and learn what they enjoy and what they don’t. Role modelling behaviour helps them to understand how not all children like to be touched, hugged or hold hands and learn what different people like and how we shou...

Multiculturalism in Early Childhood Education

It is also essential that a multicultural education, from pre-school onwards permeates the whole curriculum. It is inadequate to commit a component regularly reputed to be ‘ethnic studies’ to a corner of the syllabus or to a half hour period for every week. Most desirable is that interpersonal relations ought to be passed on by long-term and rational modeling and that knowledge gained ought to...

Advantages and Disadvantages of Only Children

Bellybelly.com.au. 1986. One Child Families: Advantages and Disadvantages of Having an Only Child. [online] Available at: http://www.bellybelly.com.au/child/one-child-families-advantages-disadvantages-of-having-one-child [Accessed: 27th Aug 2013]. Caplan, B. 2011. Selfish Reasons To Have More Kids. The Perseus Books Group, p. Paperback, 288 pages. Emma Sykes. Abc.net.au. 2011. Triple P Podcast: Si...

Violent Video Games and Children

Vessey, Judith A., and Joanne E. Lee. "Violent Video Games Affecting Our Children." Pediatric Nursing 26.6 (2000): 607. Academic Search Premier. Web. 22 July 2013. "Violent Video Games And Young People." Harvard Mental Health Letter27.4 (2010): 1-3. Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection. Web. 22 July 2013. Douglas A. Gentile., and J. Ronald Gentile. “Violent Video Games as Exemplary Teac...

Causes and Effects of Child Labor

Their physical health will be damaged due to being surrounded by harmful materials in their workplace, for the child might accidentally inhale or ingest the chemicals. The children’s mental health can also be damaged by the employers who do not care about them. The employer thinks that he/she can get away with mistreating the children because they are young and unaware of their rights by constan...

Guide to establish and maintain a safe, healthy learning environment

I create a developmentally appropriate learning environment that is well organized and intentional. Learning centers are well defined and there is a sufficient number of materials to accommodate the group size. I ensure that all activities are purposeful. I have a nice balance of child directed and teacher directed activities. An hour of uninterrupted free play is scheduled twice daily. I ask open...

Provide information and advice to young people

When approaching situations when the young persons choices are different to those of us as carers we need to be able to demonstrate good listening skills and encourage the young people in our care to give an explanation for their choices, supporting these if the explanation holds but also offering realistic and proprotianal alternatives when their explanation doesn’t make sense etc. We as respon...

Advertising aimed at children

To be more detailed, advertisements today are not so much about the products but rather about the character of the consumers and how they should feel when they use or possess the advertised product. Messages to children are all about the happiness, social status or success which accompanies the possession or consumption of a certain toy or type of food. This type of ads that causes mimicry should ...

Challenging Poor Practice

Explain the rights that children, young people and their carers have in situations where harm or abuse is suspected or alleged. Confidentiality and ‘need to know’: when important information is at risk, it is a practioner role to keep all information confidential. If a parent feels that the information is to freely being shared, a parent will stop involvement with the information shared with t...

Identify the Current Legislations, Guidelines, Policies and Procedures for Safeguarding the Welfare of Children and Young People Including E-Safety.

There is no exact definition of bullying as there are many different kinds, a child may experience bullying attacks which are; Physical - hitting, pushing, pinching, shoving, or other forms of violence. Verbal bullying – name calling, spreading rumours, sarcasm, teasing. Emotional bullying – Exclusion, humiliating, ridiculing and tormenting. A bully will often use a mix of all the above, usual...

To maintain a commitment of professionalism

The reason I chose to be in early childhood is because I love working and playing with children. I started child development classes my freshman year of high school and did it for four years. I love the way children learn and interact with one another and independently. In child development we would walk over to the elementary school; teach and listen to the children read and write for an hour. CS...

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