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Childhood obesity Essay

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Childhood obesity is a very serious issue as this leads to obesity in adulthood, which further shows the way to lot of dangerous diseases too and also has many social and health consequences. Obesity can be best understood as gaining weight much higher than being overweight. When the food intake of a child is higher than the demand of the body, it starts collecting as fat. This fat gradually makes the child overweight and even then if intake of extra food is not checked, it leads to childhood obesity.

The same is the case with adulthood too.

Whether it is childhood obesity or adulthood, it has a history quite ong and deep in almost every society worldwide. There have been lots of campaigns and awareness programs in the history for obesity and how to prevent or cure it. Some of the countries tried to treat it as illness while some regarded it unfashionable. In middle of 20th century charts for ideal weight depending upon age, gender and height were published.

Later concept of Body Mass Index (BMI) was also made public and that was the statistical calculation of any person that decided whether he or she is obese.

Many parents are found to be really concerned about their child’s health and try to revent them from getting obese. There are many factors that make a child obese rather than just eating and they include lack of physical activity, eating unhealthy and junk foods, sedentary behavior, genetics, social status and many more. Obesity can be cured with patience and common sense before it has done any harm to health. It is advisable to consult a doctor and dietician so that results are healthy and positive. As far as law for childhood obesity is concerned there are few questions that need to be answered.

The first one is, will imposing a law for childhood obesity be philosophically and ethically justified and acceptable to all? Obesity is in fact strictly personal as it is the result of the daily preferences of the person to what to eat and how much to work out. It is practically not possible for any law to keep records of daily intake and output of every individual. This step might completely put an end to the fast and junk food business worldwide. Awareness programs and political action on public health issues might help in this aspect.

Also if any law is passed it will be difficult to track the responds to obesity nd the result will vary with different countries and societies. The debate is still open and going on whether there should be any law for childhood or adulthood obesity. There are many factors that result in obesity and it could not be possible to judge strictly on personal levels. However there are laws that required every school to implement a nutrition and physical activity policy to help children grow healthy. Nutritious food and proper training of physical activities are very important for the development of mental, physical and emotional health of a child.

Health experts are of the opinion that today children are growing up in such an environment that promotes unhealthy and fast food that lacks nutrition and are high in fat content, calories and sugar. These things even aggravate hunger and result in over consumption of food that leads to obesity. Parents should be educated in this field and individual approach for improvement in nutrition and physical activity needs to be made. There are lots of health organizations held worldwide and there needs to be more on ground level so that obesity is prevented in children.

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