Childhood as key role in our life Essay

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Childhood as key role in our life

Childhood plays a key role in our life, actually our character and personality builds up in childhood. Besides, we as adults have a lot of concern and we should face many stressful situations like finding jobs, getting married and so on, On the other hand, children are free of all them. I do agree with the statement which childhood is the happiest time in person’s life, I explain more about as follows. First, adults, they have a lot of responsibility. For instance I as mother and wife not only do I have to take care of my children and house but also I have to work as a teacher. Therefore, I am so busy but ,when I was a child my most concern was game. I just play with my friends all the time. I do not have any responsibility. I believe that childhood is the happiest time because you are care free, so children enjoy their life without any stress. They are not worry about the future. Second, as an adult I am happy in some especial events.

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For example when I get promotion in my carrier or when I get high salary I feel happy, but children do not have big expectations they satisfy with toys and friends. I can remember when I was a child everything were new for me I ask about anything which I saw. child finds out what a beautiful, amazing world. I was just curious I wanted to discover new things, I can remember what a amazing time was when I saw sheep for the first time. Everything which seems usual and rotin but that time everything were new and wonderful. Taking everything into consideration, childhood is happiest time because children are care free and they do not have any responsibility besides everything are new and strange to children . their most concern is play and find out and understand new things.

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