Childcare Center Director Essay

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Childcare Center Director

Do you enjoy working with children? Is a question that I like to think of when it comes to working in the field dealing with the responsibilities of taking care of children. Today, there are more needs for children to be taking care of and learning about why it is so important to have a good education. I can remember when I was about ten or eleven years old, I use to babysit children during the summer, I would teach them their ABC’s, how to count, and recognize numbers, shapes, sizes, and their colors. Being a Childcare Center Director is my dream career, because I wanted to ensure that my children will be taught and learn why it is so important in having a good education. I will not only have a Childcare Center to sit and watch children just to earn an income, I want to ensure the parents that my Center will benefit their child or children that this is an educational center as well.

Today, Childcare Directors are among one of the highest paying job in the United States, according to the (visited December 19, 2012). Childcare Directors are expected to grow by eight percent between the years of 2008-2018.

A Preschool and Childcare Center Directors is an institution of early childhood education for children between the ages of three-to-five year old. Directing a Preschool/Childcare Center is exhausting and can also be complicated at times when you have a problem that involves the matter with a parent and one of your employees. It is your responsibility to make that your staff understands the responsibility in handle and dealing with problems that have occurred. It is a dedicated job, but you must have the desire love and work with children’s.

What do they do as a Director? Is one of many question people tends to ask and wonder about. Being a Childcare Director is not just a job sitting behind a desk, they have many responsibilities to tend to such as, providing a clean, safe and educational environment. For example, they have to hire and training staffs, communicate with the parents, employee and children’s on a day-to-day base. But the most important of their job is to ensure that the staff is well trained and that they are well qualified to meet and follow the center’s rules and guidelines. They have to make sure that they comply with the state and federal laws.

To be a Childcare Director they also must meet certain requirements that are set among the state laws, depending on the location and state that you desire to work in. According to the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services ( , that anyone serving as an administrator of a Childcare Center in Texas must hold a Childcare Administration License. Depending on the location or state, you have different requirements and standards to meet. The Directors are required to have at least a Bachelor’s Degree, some even required to have Master’s Degree. Being a Childcare Director you have the opportunity to earn a certification but you are not required to have one.

According to the Bureau of Labor ( the highest paying states in Childcare Center Director are District of Columbia, Massachusetts, New York, California, and Alaska. Comparing to others daycare positions a Daycare Directors have the highest wages, they have almost 20,000 more per year than just been a Daycare Center employee. You can at least expect to gross out between $39,000 to almost 43,000 a year, in which that means you making between $20.00 to $22.00 an hour. Since Childcare Directors have the responsibility of the financial management of the centers, with their salaries this means that they will be able to develop a budget, manage the accounting and over sees accounts, payable and receivable.

Being a Childcare Directors plays a major role in the world today. As you can see working as a Childcare Director is not just a sit down or working behind a desk job, you have to be active, ensuring parents that your center is not only a Childcare center, but a center to where their child will be taught and learn the basic of what it will take for them to have a better education. You are the sole owner and responsible for whatever goes on in your facility under your care, rather it is setting up meetings, dealing with the parents or seeing about the children. You are responsible from the time your doors are open until closing. So as you can see that why I love to work with children, because I want to make sure that once they leave my daycare, they can have something to look forward the next and to their future.


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