Child Rebellion in the Novel, Fathers and Sons by Ivan Turgenev

In Fathers and Sons. by Ivan Turgenev. he uses child rebellion to help build the two main characters into better people Even though going against traditional ways led to many conflicts. the two young boys would turn out to benefit from those experiences. The boys experienced many of these conflicts in the beginning. which hurt their relationship with their parents and others. Both of the characters would learn from their situations and would benefit greatly from them. The shared Ideas of nihilism between Arcady and Bazarov hurt their families but help them to instill their own beliefs within themselves.

Bazarov is very critical and often hurts the feelings of his friends and lamily. Bazarov also has a problem with respect. An example of his disrespect is when him and Arcadys family are sitting at the dinner table and Bazarov and Uncle Paul are talking about whether German Scientists or Russian Scientist are better, Because of his nihilist views he has problem saying, A good chemist is more useful than a score poets.

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Bazarov interrupted. Really? Paul Petrovrch said raising his eyebrows slightly as though he were dozrng off. So you dont acknowledge art? The art of coining or that of claiming to banish hemorrhoids! Bazarov exclaimed That passage shows the disrespect that Bazarov has for his elders.

Even though Bazarov was disrespecting Arcadys family. Arcady didnt do anything because he was still trying to understand and experience the nihilist views of his friend Bazarov. Bazarov also has a problem With showing emotion.

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This lack of emotion hurt his parents greatly and also hurt his relationship with them. After Bazarov had enrolled in college he rarely ever Visited his parents and in fact had not seen them in three years. When he finally Visited he did not stay very long. Actually he only stayed three days. Vou can tell that his parents were hurt when his father says. Three days. After three years thats.thats very little. very little. Eugene! But I assure you that I shall be back very soon, Its essential for me to go. Bazarovs parents loved him very much and were very upset with the fact that their son was leaving so soon. Because of his inability to think of other people before himself. Bazarov has greatly hurt people emotionally. Although Arcady and Bazarov hurt many people in their time of experiencing nihilist vrews they were also able to make progress in their own beliefs. Arcady wanted to be like Bazarov and have the same ideas as him but Arcady was not that kind of a person. Arcady was able to grow up faster than Bazarov and put his childish ways behind him and move onto becoming an adult.

You can tell that Arcady is trying to change when he says. Arcady could bear it no longer, Gentlemen, he exclaimed loudly. this is very like bedlam. At this point in time Arcady is trying to change and start to make his own decisions Without the help of his friend Bazarov. Arcady is slowly but steadily getting rid of the idea of nihilism. Strangely enough Bazarov does away with his nihilistic ideas. While he is dying he realizes that he was not perfect and that he has hurt many people. Also he has learned what was important to him even though it was too late. It is easy to see that both of these characters were able to overcome their child rebellion and use their experiences to help them in the future. This helped to solidify some relationships with certain individuals and to make stronger the ones they already had.

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