Child Protection

Children are gifts from God. So they need to be nurtured, protected, respect and most of all they need LOVE.

We as teacher are said to be the second mother of every child in the school. We’re together for eight hours a day or even longer, five days a week, we even spend more time with them than their real parents. We got to laugh with them often, play with them and we contribute a lot in their total development as a person.

For me, being a teacher is really not just teaching a child how to read and write. But also you must learn how to be a mother to them. “Mothers knows best” you know when to give them praise when they made the right thing and discipline them when they made the wrong thing.

“Gives the school, its administrators and teachers, or the individual, entity or institution engaged in child care the special parental authority and responsibility over the minor child while under their supervision, instruction or custody”……

“Authority and responsibility shall apply to all authorized activities whether inside or outside the premises of the school, entity or institutions.

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Reading the “Child Protection Policy Of The Department of Education” and having this articles as the legal basis that we the school, administrators and the teachers has the given the authority and responsibility over the minor child while they are under our supervision instruction custody.


1.Child abuse

2.Discrimination against children

3. Child Exploitation

4. Violence Against Children in School

5. Corporal Punishment

6. Any analogous or similar acts

7.Bullying or Peer abuse

As its definition goes corporal punishment refers to a kind of punishment or penalty imposed for an alleged or actual offense, which is carried out or inflicted for the purpose of discipline, training or control, by a teacher, school administrator an adult,or any other child who has been given or has assumed authority or responsibility for punishment or discipline.

Teaching a child is really a big responsibility. Considering the fact that you’re not just teaching one or two pupil in a classroom. Like in our school I have forty nine pupils. Forty nine pupils coming from different environment, different values and upbringing. When I was still a student, I could remember my teacher imposing corporal punishment to us. I can honestly say I dislike that teacher.I could still remember me saying” I will never ever,in any situation be like her if Im going to be a teacher. But, now that I am a teacher myself I could say in all honesty that I already understand her.

Observing the younger generation I could say that there’s really a big difference when it comes to their behaviors and attitudes,especially in their studies. They are more lax and no focus. And sometimes because of peer influence,technologies,media,and their environment they tend to forget their values.I have noticed that since paddling was taken out of schools, kids have gotten lazy and are falling behind in academics. They sometimes have gotten more violent and agreessive toward their teachers especially in higher grades.

To much of anything is not good.For me, anything that is beyond, needs to be stop.So if it needs for discipline I think corporal punishment is not bad.

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Child Protection

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