Child molester and a killer Essay

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Child molester and a killer

As we talk about behavior, we can discuss about how certain behavior runs to becoming evil in such a way that nowadays and even before time, where war has occurred, this behavior exist. McCarthy wrote a book entitled “Blood Meridian” where he puts all the unprovoked violence by the monstrous Judge, Holden, who is a compulsive child molester and a killer as well. This is an epic novel during the expansion of West America sabotage Western novel and the mythology of the Wild West with full violence and wickedness. In this book, it shows the styles of evil acts and wants us to witness evil for us to fully affirm its mysterious reality.

As we studied about the origins of behavior, we can also say that man has a natural evil instinct which can be manifested by certain evil actions. McCarthy expresses human behavior in the same way he talks about the animals in his stories. He used such magnificent language which was cited by the critics, and it merely represents the uncompromised crucial period of American history and McCarthy exclaim in his Blood Meridian, that goes ahead of Gothicism and naturalism, to conjure up a bloodletting feast in the American Southwest.

Elie Wiesel comes into picture, who in real life; experience a deep shocking experiences and emotions during the Holocaust in the hands of the Nazis. At these times, he and many other prisoners experience mental and physical torture and they have been stripped of their humanity. According to Elie, prisoners become “wild beasts of prey, with animal hatred in their eyes; a strange energy had held them, and their teeth and nails had been sharpened. ” This elevates humanity from immorality at its separation point. She wrote a book entitle “Night” which reveals that cruelty raise cruelty.

Both McCarthy and Elie have written about the negative side of human behavior and depict the scenario during those times. She said prisoners turn against each other rather than giving comfort to each one of them. Captured from the book itself, when a Kapo is speaking to Eliezer, he said“Here, every man has to fight for himself and not think of anyone else. . . . Here, there are no fathers, no brothers, no friends. Everyone lives and dies for himself alone” which illustrates the wickedness of some human beings.

In contrast with Elie and Cormac McCarthy, in woman in the person of Hannah Arendt tries not to compare human behavior to animals. Hannah had written “Eichmann in Jerusalem” wherein she made an authoritative report about the trial of Adolf Eichmann, a Nazi leader. She takes account of supplementary factual material that gives enlightenment after the trial. She soberly state in her book that Eichman was not actually a Nazi at heart, and he was in fact a meek man because he was not really aware of Hitler’s euthanasia program and he is also helpful to the Jews in Palestinian immigration.

Hannah Arendt’s shows that she is not only a thinker but also a moral human being because of putting herself in the place of the judge and jury in the courtroom of Jerusalem to major perpetrators of the murder of European Jewry. Hannah Arendt analyze Eichman’s personality instead of looking at him does not try to psychologically analyze it. It was in the end come out that Eichman is just an ordinary man who has been driven by the call of his career, and it turns out that he doesn’t really have personal hatred with the Jews.

As we try to analyze the three authors point, we can generalize that evil behavior of man only comes out when time calls for it and is the result of frustration for human desires, denial human faculty, failure to realize human potential as well lack of education. It is indeed true that man’s animal nature or human nature is not basically evil. It just happened when there is an incomplete development, deficient cognition and dichotomous perception of reality that would ultimately direct to misinterpretation and disagreement, obliteration, and wars by the people who the power and has no understanding which we have greatly seen it in this study.

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