Child Labor and Sexual Exploitation in India

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As a group we choose the topic of Child labor in India, and I am responsible to cover the Sexual exploitation of children’s in this country. My colleagues Olivier Turcotte and Frederic Lamoureux are going to cover others part of the child labor such as the industry labor and why those kids have to work instead of going at school. The objective of our project is to aware people of this reality of the world that medias don’t talk too much about and is kind of taboo.

The child labor is something that not much of people are aware or concern about it because they don’t see it , but if we think about it, maybe the t-shirt, the shoes, or even what we eat have been pack by a kid from another country that is only 8 years old and work 30 hours or more per week. In relation with our topic, I will focus on the Sex labor that children are involved and abuse.

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This illegal activity that has reached a critical level in South Asia, is something that people are not really conscious about and this is why we need to aware our generation to be less selfish and think about all those that don’t have the same luck to have a happy childhood. Well , about the kiosk, we start having some ideas about the material we will use , like posters and things like that but also we will try to reach association that protect or fight against the companies that abuse of children’s.

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Child Labor and Sexual Exploitation in India

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