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Child Development Observation Essay

The setting of where I observed the baby was at my house in the family room. The family room can be pictured as a square. The door to enter the house is in one corner of the family room. To the left of the door there is a mirror on the wall and next to the mirror there is a single person couch. The color of the couch is brown. That sits in the corner adjacent to the corner where the door is. Then, there are the sliding doors to enter the patio and in the corner adjacent to the couch there is a big, black television.

Next to the television, my baby’s pink Winnie the Pooh play yard. Next to that is her small pink and brown, vibrating bouncer. Then there’s the last corner of the room which opens to the bedrooms. This is the room where the observation took place. The baby I observed is my nephew, Gabriel. He is four months and three weeks old. He will turn five months on the 22nd of this month. He was wearing a blue jean overall with a brown onesie that has little puppies. He also had some soft tennis shoes on. They are white with a navy blue stripe on each side each shoe.

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He barely has any hair and he has no teeth. In twenty minutes, Gabriel was very active. I started observing as soon as he woke up from a nap. He began by stretching both of his legs straight out and his left arm stretched straight up towards his head and his right arm stretched up towards the sky. My boyfriend then picked him up and started talking to him. Gabriel started laughing and kicking his feet back and forth, starting with his right foot and continued by alternating each kick with the opposite foot. He stopped laughing and shoved both of his hands in his mouth.

He made himself gag. He was then tickled again and started laughing. Again he began kicking his legs, left then right. He grabbed his face with his left hand. He started to get hungry. While his bottle was being prepared, he began sucking on his left hand and he began to make sucking noises. As my boyfriend got the bottle close to Gabriel’s face, his eyes popped open and he opened his mouth. While he ate, he moved his right hand over his face and made sucking and snorting noises. He was also just looking around while eating.

He was about a quarter done with his bottle, when he stopped eating and started pushing. Both of his hands clasped together and he made a noise which let us know that he was pushing. All of a sudden, I heard him pass gas but it wasn’t just gas. The gas came with a little surprise. He kept his fists closed and kept pushing. He was pooping. Once he was done, he gave a big smile and started kicking his legs again. He also began sucking on his hands. My boyfriend laid him on the floor on top of his blue, fuzzy blanket. Gabriel began making cooing noises.

As my boyfriend began taking off Gabriel’s clothes, he continued kicking and making cooing noises. As his diaper was coming undone, Gabriel started laughing. My boyfriend got a hold of his legs and took off his diaper. Gabriel just began sucking on his hands again. Gabriel’s mom saw him and took his hands out of his mouth. She gave him a pacifier. He began rubbing his eyes with both hands. He then began to cry. My boyfriend put his clothes back on and continued feeding him. Gabriel was lying with his feet dangling off of my boyfriend’s leg.

His right arm was around my boyfriend’s back and his left arm was on his stomach. He was making a sucking sound and was opening and closing his eyes. Gabriel jumped when he heard a loud noise. He opened his eyes and his left arm went straight up into the air. He was calmed down and closed his eyes again. His left arm dangled to his side. He stayed like that until he finished eating. He was stood up straight and burped. He fell asleep and he was laid in my daughter’s play yard with his arms to the side and his legs spread apart.

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