Child Development Essay

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Child Development

When I come to the class room, the first thing I do is organize the materials that are needed for my classroom and place them into two groups that will be made up of learning arrangements and the organizing arrangements. This before the children arrives every morning. As for the organizing part I will make sure all the toys are in the right places and that there is nothing broken. The second thing I do is set up the signing they right places and that there is nothing broken.

The second thing I do is set up the signing sheet so therefore when the children come in to the classroom every morning they can sign in. I provide the children with all the things needed for the small and large group materials. I will label them with colors, names, shapes, and numbers. The third thing I prepare the learning expectations for them as well. Within preparing the learning expectations I will do the lesson plan and print out the daily schedule and the children’s names. Lastly I check to see that all the classrooms are organized well and clean, so that children have a clean environment to progress.

Frequently I post simple classroom rules for the children to follow the routine. Alongside that I add pictures to guide them; such as inside voices, walking feet, and to clean up after themselves, to teach them independent skills. Me and the teacher work together to create a lesson plan, finish any paperwork, and to do the child assessment. In addition to that every morning we do the meal count, health check, prepare activities, arrange and maintain the classroom environment and by the end of the week we hand in the meal counts and health checks.

To ensure a well-run purposeful program I make it a personal goal to develop a wonderful relationship with co-workers, bus drivers, teachers, visiting advocates, and everyone that visits the classroom. I believe this is a great way to guarantee a successful learning environment for everyone. To get to know the parents more and involve the needs they have for their children so I ride the bus with children sometimes. I also make sure that the children get home safe.

To achieve a well-run environment everyone has to have one goal in mind, which is to keep children’s best interests in mind. My responsibility as a teacher to establish an open, trusting relationship with the parents of the children in my care, so that the parents can freely communicate their thoughts, concerns or suggestions about their child or the program. I have commonly been labeled as approachable and kind. In our program helps the parents to support the economic and cultural background of the family involved.

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