Child care level 2 unit 1 assingment Essay

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Child care level 2 unit 1 assingment

?D1: Describe the purpose of ONE setting that is statutory provision for each age range . Nursery school is for children aged 3-5. The purpose of this setting is to the children learn how to socialise, learn different shapes, different colours, objects letter and numbers. Primary school is for children 5+. Primary school will prepare an education for children in future life. In Primary School children will get the understanding about the world, they will learn how to work with different people and help children from begging antisocial.

The curriculum in Primary School is children have to learn the main subjects like: English, Maths, Science etc. The purpose of having Primary School is to give the same opportunities and right to every child, and settings from government are free, so parents will not have to pay for the children education. D2: Describe the purpose of ONE setting is a different type of provision for each age range.

A purpose of having a provide child-minders is provide that they can come and take care of children at home when child’s parents are working full time from morning to evening and don’t have time to take care of the children all the time take them to school or be for them at home. Child-minders are not statutory setting so parents who want a child-minder will have to pay for their service. Child-minders will run as a company or business and they not receive any financial help from the government, so they taking money from the parents who hire one of the child-minders.

Child-minder is for different age range. D3: Describe the work of a professional or an agency working with children. A professional person who works with children is a speech therapist. Speech therapist is for children in all age range. Speech therapist is there for children who have difficulty, producing words, and using speech, a difficulty of understanding and using language. The role of speech therapist is to help a child how to producing words, and how to producing sounds and syllables so that the listeners can understand what the child is saying.

D4: Describe how to keep information about children and they families confidential. Confidential information about children and they families should be kept private and safe so no not permitted people should be able to have a use to those files. The files should be kept in a system with password and the password should only know the manager of the setting and the head teacher, the information can be also be kept in a folders in a locked cupboard where the access should have also the manager and the head teacher.

As a practitioner I cannot talk about children and a staff outside the setting, I will be also ask to live the staff room or any meeting if there is confidential information the staff will discuss. I am only a practitioner and I’m not part of the staff so I’ll not be allowed to be part of some meetings. D5: Explain how to prepare to work in a placement with children. To work in a placement with children you need to attend on time, attend on every day of your placement days, be polite to parents and children and to staff you’re working with, listen, take notes and learn about the setting, bring your own note book, and show enthusiasm to learn.

Remember about your clothing to wear when attendance the setting, easy to wash clothing as you will be play with children with paint and other resources that can make your clothes dirty look also what the staff is wearing and just wear the similar clothes do not wear any large branded t-shirts with messages or slogans or short skirts or dresses as you will be getting down to play with children and bending over, try to look smart but comfortable, sometimes the setting would give you an uniform to wear, do not wear high heels to the setting as you can hurt a child , standing on the fingers or toes, and you will wear that shoes all day so it’s important to wear comfortable shoes to the setting you can also check if you can wear a trainers , do not wear a party make up as you will not be taken seriously and the natural look make you look more grown up, don’t wear a long jewellery as child can accidently pull and rip or with too much rings on your hand you can scratch a child with it.

Remember also about your personal hygiene keep your clothes clean and fresh every day that will help to prevent any infection spreading over the children, your hands, nails , skin and hair should be kept clean as well so you will not spread any bacterial to children and staff, long hair should be tying it back , as it comfortable and also prevent you from getting lice or spreading them out over the setting and also make you look tidy. D6: Give TWO different ways in which you can show that you understand the importance of valuing each child as an individual.

All children should be treated the same you need to think about each child as an individual and treat them with the same value when you treat one child differently, this is not allowed and it’s called Favouritism, when working with children this is showing discrimination in a setting which is not allowed, other children will feel sad and pushed away that also make children to have a low self-esteem and confidence. To treat children equally you may sometimes provide different activities or adapt resources.

Make activities to meet individual children’s needs, listen to children and give them attention when they need it. For children from different countries you can ask them to prepare something from the countries like Christmas cards or any type of card and after all show it to the class . Every child is different so you will meet their needs differently. Observe the children and make the activities from the child interests and stage of development. D7: Show an understanding of diversity and inclusive practice.

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