Child Abuse: Spanking as a Punishment

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There is multiple reason on why spanking a kid is child abuse. Growing up with cousins who used to get spanked for any little mistake they did made me more assure that physically punishment to make a kid learn is child abuse. Before doing any type of research, I strongly agreed that spanking a kid can be considered child abuse. When selecting my topic, I knew I would find this topic interesting because many thinks it is okay to hit a kid.

My viewpoint after doing research has not changed. I still believe that spanking a kid can be considered child abuse because many adults when hitting their kid are filled with anger and think that by physically punishing a kid they will learn a lesson. Hitting a kid and the kid learning a lesson is a misconception that everyone should get informed immediately over it. One thing I learned about myself when researching this topic was that children being a safe and healthy environment is very important to myself.

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As I grew up my cousins grew up in an environment where they couldn’t do nothing wrong because they knew either a slap or whooping was coming their way. The older I got I knew it wasn’t okay for them to be in environment like that and it wasn’t okay for my aunt to do that. Having the perspective of hitting a child is okay and it’s up to the parent would be a terrible opinion how I see it.

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Those who agree with that must have strong research facts to back their opinion up. The issue of child abuse is very important to those who feel very strongly about it because maybe they grew up in an abusive environment or know anyone suffering over child abuse. One thing people might take into consideration is slapping little kids’ hand, not so hard, to teach them that what they did or grabbed was not okay.

However, that should be rarely the case. A question that might come up when talking about this topic would be “Why do parents think it’s okay to hit a kid and why is authority in that state allowing it to happen with no type of consequence?” because I think its unfair and not okay to no be treated with respect or feel threaten when doing something wrong. It also might come up because kids might say “well my mom was hitting me, so I hit her back” which can lead to greater problem. If people around the world would educate children with no physical contact involved, the world would be a better and safer environment for everyone.

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Child Abuse: Spanking as a Punishment

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