Child Abuse and Major Long Term Essay

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Child Abuse and Major Long Term

Description of the possible signs, symptoms, indicators and behaviours that may concern in the context of safeguarding Children are usually abused by someone in their immediate family cycle. This can include parents, brothers, sisters, babysitters and other familiar adult. Children can be abused by age of up to 18 years and they likely to be at risk of physical injuries, sexual abuse, neglect, emotional abuse or verbal abuse. Child abuse can have major long term effects on all aspects of a child’s health, development and well being. The main forms of maltreatment are: Neglect sign; A child come to school usually with dirty skin, hair and clothes or without jacket in winter. Children in the school may feel hungry and tiredness or being left alone unsupervised. Even then they are sick not taken to GP for medical treatment. A child frequently absent from school and beg steal food or money. Possible symptom: A child appear to be indifferent and a child seems apathetic depressed. Also the a child behave irrationally or in a bizarre manner. ————————————————-

Impact of neglect: Impact of neglecting a child can cause brain damage and also have psychological implications such as cognitive delays or emotional difficulties. Psychological problem often manifest as high risk behaviour problem, depression and anxiety in children Emotion abuse: When a child feel furious, sad and crying and behaving inappropriately in the class that mean he is being emotional abused. Sign: When a child is being emotional abused he may chose dark colour to paint on the paper. Feeling low self esteem, seeking attention from others, behaviour difficulties, continual rocking, hair twisting, delayed development Possible symptom: CYP will delayed in languages development and play skills and have impaired ability to enjoyment in play. Not trusting other and feeling nervous all the time. CYP will feel guilty, ashamed and withdrawal of social interaction. Their mode will change and they frequently blaming others people. ————————————————-

Effects: emotional abuse is the most difficult form of a child maltreatment identify and to prevent. Babies who are emotionally abused may slow or fail to develop. Physical abuse Signs: Physical abuse is when children are being physical abused by someone. This can be involved hitting, biting, punching, kicking, burning, scalding, shaking, throwing or beating with object such as stick and belt. It also includes poisoning, giving a child alcohol, drug Symptoms: Practitioner need to have acknowledgement of physical abuse and there signs to protect children from harm. Any injuries which parent doesn’t inform practitioner or children may not received medical treatment, can raise concern of abuse. Sometime children may refused to change clothe on PE day because they want to hide their injuries signs ————————————————-

Effects: Physical abuse can lead child physical injuries, disability and in extreme cases can cause death. Physical abuse has been link to emotional & aggressive behaviour in children as well as can cause learning difficulties. Sexual abuse sign: Recurrent urinary infection, genital and rectal itching, blood in under paint and soreness, inappropriate behaviour and regarding age and ability, children may feel lack of trust, regression and become isolated and withdrawn Symptom: CYP will behave aggressive and disruptive behaviour and feeling afraid when they left alone. Difficulties in walking and setting and wearing so many layer of clothe. Change in behaviour around specific person and try to avoid familiar adult. Sexual acting and inappropriate sexual play. Also lack of interest playing with friend, sport and any other activities in the school. ————————————————-

Effect; The severe effect of sexual abuse can be on children they may suffer mental health problem, depression, identity confusion, behaviour difficulties and also emotional problem.

Describe That Possible Signs, Symptoms, Indicators and Behaviours That May Cause Concern in the Context of Safeguarding. Describe That Possible Signs, Symptoms, Indicators and Behaviours That May Cause Concern in the Context of Safeguarding (5/11/2012) Recognizing Child Abuse and Neglect: Signs and Symptom Meggitt C (2011) Cache Level 3 Diploma Children and Young People

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