Chicken Chunks Essay

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Chicken Chunks

I have designed the layout of my advert so that when it is broadcast simultaneously across all children’s television networks, and depicted in colour advertisements in all children’s magazines universally, certain aspects will stand out and be immortalised in the memory of children. The ‘Chicken Chunks’ slogan at the top of the page is in large, bold writing and has golden wings, and the way I have ingeniously positioned the box in the middle of the advertisement shows all children what the product they will soon be rushing to their local retailer to buy looks like.

I chose the title ‘Chicken Chunks’ initially for the way that no other product presently or previously on the market remotely resembles it, but I quickly realised that the title was also an excellent way of helping the children to remember the product’s name because it uses alliteration. It is not proven, but it is widely accepted, that using alliteration greatly improves the chances of committing the name from your short to long term memory banks, thereby making the name of ‘Chicken Chunks’ much more memorable.

This will be especially effective considering that the target audience for our advertising campaign is very young. I also used clear, bold writing so that the text I placed upon my advert can be easily read and understood by a young child. I think my advert will be extremely successful at cornering the market for children’s microwavable meals in minutes in the UK and across the globe.

It will happen not only because of the excellent marketing strategy I have devised to thrust my product into the consumer world with alarming speed, but also by the way kids choose food these days not only to suit their nutritional needs, but as a lifestyle choice. The words ‘Chicken Chunks’ will be synonymous with the epitome of ‘cool’ for all children under eleven. ‘Chicken Chunks’ will be the embodiment of young culture and will soon be flying from the supermarket shelves as if moving of their own volition.

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