Chevy vs. Ford Essay

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Chevy vs. Ford

We have all heard the argument concerning vehicles and their brands, whether you are a Chevy, Ford, or even Dodge fan it really doesn’t matter. We all seem to stick to one side and if nothing else is ever said about either company, they both have very loyal customers and very similar beginnings. Not to mention that if it were not for the difference maybe more people would be willing to admit just how alike these two brands really are.

Louis-Joseph Chevrolet was born Christmas Day in 1878, in a small village in Switzerland. During his childhood he spent his time in the villages of Bonfol and Beurnevésin, which were close to the French border. Around 1887, Louis learned to repair and later race bicycles.

Louis had gained a hunger in the knowledge for the repair of bicycles while working at a mechanics shop which fixed not just bicycles but carriages as well. There is where he would learn the basics of gears and mechanicals. He would also end up building and selling his own bicycle called the Frontenac. This name would be later used for his race cars. Louis became known for racing manufactured bicycles and was given a job in the mechanical shops of Mors and Darracq Company. Darracq built the “well-known” Gladiator bicycles, Louis was introduced to the Darracq internal combustion engine and this would consume his interest and where he would began studying the 4 cycle engine.

Louis Chevrolet founded the brand in 1911 in Detroit Michigan, along with W.C. Durant. They both earned a reputation for developing cars with performance, durability, and value. Those characteristics are still a core part in the business today which is the fourth largest automotive brand. Chevy has made performance affordable. With its four and six cylinder engines they have become known for their strong performance and their durability.

In the 1955 Chevy introduced a small-block V-8 which opened a new era in attainable high performance that would result in powering millions of cars and trucks for the next 50 years. With the traits of the small block Chevy has helped establish their company as a force in almost all forms of motorsports.

This legacy has been passed on to new generations, and it is very evident that they have stayed true to the original beliefs which are still noticeable with today’s Camaro SS and the Corvette.

The Ford Motor Company has a similar past with the exception of their founder, Henry Ford. Henry was also a racecar driver in fact he not only drove racecars but also built them as well to demonstrate that his designs produced a reliable vehicle. Ford finally came to be in 1903, after two failure attempts before.

In this case Henry Ford was on as vice president and chief engineer where he could realize his own dreams which was to produce an automobile that was reasonable priced and efficient. This came about with the introduction of the Model T in 1908.

In 1913 Henry Ford was the first to introduce the continual moving assembly line, by have all the employees stay in one place and having their parts sent to them on conveyor belts with that, he single handedly revolutionized the automobile industry in 1913.

By 1918 50% of all cars in the United States were Model Ts. With the growing economy the demand for the Model Ts were in such high demand that they had to open a larger factory in Highland Park, Michigan. Although he was a very clever businessman, Henry Ford was at time a complex and contradictory personality with strong held opinions and a very wide range of interest.

Both founders were very dedicated and strong willed unfortunately with Chevrolet, he sold his shares to the Chevy companies cofounder, W. C. Durant. Henry Ford was a part of his company until his death in 1947. Both companies are still going strong today and are still a force in the automotive industry. Both are producing efficient and affordable vehicles and it really does come down to the individual’s choice as to whom you fall in with.

For the diehard racers Chevy offers the Camaro where Ford has the Mustang, both are beautifully made vehicles and are very similar not just in appearance but also in performance. Both offer the standard package that comes with any car, they both have similar gas mileage, engine size, and optional features. Both have even started producing more energy efficient type cars as well as electric and even hybrid vehicles.

With both companies track record I am sure both will have their ups and downs but that doesn’t make one better than the other, in fact, it appears that both companies are dependable, affordable, and dedicated to their customers. However there is one difference that sticks out more than any other, Fords seems to have the edge on pricing and making sure their vehicles are affordable to any income bracket. While Chevy can be on the expensive side depending on make and model you are looking into to purchase. Both companies continually produce well built vehicles, their customer base is evident of that. It’s understandable for people to have their preferences but what does it really come down to? It comes down to which one offers everything each individual wants in a certain type of vehicle.

You can see the similarities in almost every model each company has. Chevy has the Silverado; Ford has the F series in the truck models. Chevy has the Camaro and Corvette to where Ford has the Mustang, and both companies produce minivans as well as sedans.

The argument between the two companies will continue to go on for years to come, but is there really any argument about the two companies other than if it weren’t for the difference in name there wouldn’t be an argument since both are still producing efficient and affordable vehicles along with exploring other options concerning energy sources, because of those decisions they are both still moving strong in today’s economy and both are still a force to be reckoned with in the automotive industry and will be for many years to come.

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