Cherokee Essay Topics

Cherokee nation

Wilma Pearl Mankiller was born on November 18th in Tahlequah, the capital of the Cherokee nation, Oklahoma. She lived in Mankiller Flats till she was ten years old. Then her family was moved to California when the Indian Affair Relocation program took place. Her father Charlie Mankiller was a Cherokee whereas her mother Irene Mankiller… View Article

Native American Oppression Outline

What if you, your family and friends have lived in the same location ever since it was first inhabited. This is your home, your land, where your culture has thrived. Then all of a sudden, a foreign group of people whom you have never seen before, these strangers pillage and burn your village and force… View Article

Pop Gordon Korman Theme

Marcus Jordan is a 16 year old boy that Just moved to a new town in the middle of summer. He was on the football team at his previous school and intended to be on the one in his new school, so he practiced by himself at a park. That shows that he is very… View Article