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Chemistry- The Modern Atomic Theory

This flow chart shows the amount of energy that is emitted by each type of light.

ultraviolet > blue light > yellow light > red light
(maximum energy) (minimum energy)

In an experiment, shining which type of light on a strip of metal would be least likely to produce the photoelectric effect?

bright red light

Natalie observes these characteristics in the model of an atom.

(i) includes positive charge
(ii) contains electrons
(iii) explains the photoelectric effect
(iv) suggests the probable location of electrons

Which model is Natalie most likely examining?

electron-cloud model

Which statement about the electron-cloud model is true?
It is the currently accepted atomic model.

Which statement about Niels Bohr’s atomic model is true?
Each orbit has a specific energy level.

How does the electron-cloud model describe electrons?
An electron has a high probability of being in certain regions.

Which statement describes a major drawback of the Bohr model that caused scientists to replace it?
It contradicted the Heisenberg uncertainty principle.

Which equation was used by Albert Einstein to explain the photoelectric effect? [E = energy, h = Planck’s constant, and v = frequency.]
E = hv

Which atomic model states that it is impossible to know the exact location of electrons around the nucleus?
electron-cloud model

Light of a certain energy shines on a metal and causes electrons to be emitted.

Based on the research of Albert Einstein, what change would most likely result in stopping the emission of electrons from this metal?

the use of light that has a lower frequency

Which observation provided Albert Einstein the clue that he needed to explain the photoelectric effect?
Energy of electrons depends on light’s frequency, not intensity.

A change in which property of light will have no effect on whether or not the photoelectric effect occurs?

According to the Bohr model of an atom, what happens when an electron moves from the second energy level to the third energy level and then back to the second energy level?
Energy is absorbed and then released to form an emission line

Which event would be impossible to explain by using John Dalton’s model of the atom?
An iron atom emits particles when it is struck by light.

The Bohr model of the atom explained why emission spectra are discrete. It could also be used to explain the photoelectric effect. Which is a correct explanation of the photoelectric effect according to the model?
Electrons need specific amounts of energy to “jump” off an atom and be emitted.

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