Chemistry in Our Life

Ask yourself, what has chemistry ever done for you? Some of you might think that chemistry is just something to do with people in white coats working in labs. But as a matter of fact, WE ARE ALL CHEMISTS! Everything today involves chemical reactions and we make choices every day based on the way chemicals work, be it when cooking or cleaning. Chemistry has without a doubt made our lives so much easier.

Imagine going back thousands of years and living in a world where Chemistry didn’t exist.

We’d be stuck in Stone Age conditions! A world without chemistry would’ve been painful, dull and short-lived. Without chemistry, diseases and illnesses would be spreading like wildfire, not to mention how short our life expectancies would’ve been considering how we could’ve died from just a cold!! In such a world, even clean drinking water would’ve also been hard to come by. If it wasn’t for the invention of a refrigerator, our food would’ve had a very short shelf-life.

If this were to happen in today’s world, we would’ve been having a very limited supply of food with the ever-growing population.
It’s easy to grumble about homework but the importance of chemistry in everyday lives cannot be overestimated. It has impacted our lives in so many ways to the point that we cannot be able to live without it. Thank God for chemistry!

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