Effect of Solutes on Potato Cells' Water Uptake

Water can move through the different cells due to the difference of water potentials in the cells. If there is a higher solute concentration in the cell than outside the cell, the water will move into the cell. However, if the concentration of inside the cell is lower than the outside, water will not move into the cell. This process is called osmosis. Research question;

This investigation will determine how different concentrated sugar water will affect to the mass change of the potato cells using the concept of osmosis.

I predict that the potato slice in beaker C will gain the most increased mass than beaker B and C. The reason is that since beaker C has a highest concentration among the test beakers, it will affect the most to the potato cells. The movement of water will move actively in beaker C. Variables;

Independent Variable
In this experiment the independent variable will be the sucrose concentration of water. This is controlled by using a specific amount of sugar that we pour into the distilled water.

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We will do the activity in the solutions with concentration of 0, 0.25, 0.50%. Dependent Variable

The dependent variable will be the size of potato slices that goes into the solutions. This depends on the various environmental factors during making a slice of potato such as the thickness of core or the peel of potato. Thus it could differ during the experiment. Controlled Variable

Anything that can change the result of this experiment will be the controlled variables.

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Therefore, we need to control variables that can be controlled to get the most accurate and reliable data in this experiment. Also the purpose of an experiment is to find out the cause of the lab and how it affects. Without these variables, it would b e difficult to determine which cause made the effect out of the lab. Water Level;

Clearly if we have higher level of water in the beaker to make concentrated sugar water, the concentration will be lower than the less level of water. To get the consistent data, we need to control the level of water in the same level possible. Size of Cores;

We will use the slices of potato in this lab, and if we have different sizes of potato slices due to the different sizes of cores that we have used to make a slices, the result will be vary as the size gets bigger or smaller. Therefore, during the lab, we need to use the same type and size of the cores. Type of Potatoes;

If there are different types of potatoes, the osmosis that happens to the potato from the sugar water will not be the same. This needs to be controlled by using a same type of potato to get the most accurate data possible. Time of submersion;

If one potato slice has stayed in the solution longer than the other sets, the data is not reliable because it is not experimented in equal amount of time. In order to get the reliable data, we need to measure the time equally and record it to the data paper. Size of the petri dish;

We need to use the same size of the petri dishes to collect the reliable and accurate data. Different size of the petri dishes will boost or slow down the osmosis in the potato cells. Humidity;

Humidity near the experiment place will also affect to the experiment. If the pace is hot and dry, the solution may evaporate soon due to the particles inside the solution absorbs the heat. Also when it is cold, the osmosis may not work normally. Due to these facts, we need to control the size of the petri dishes to get the best data possible. Temperature of the solutions;

If the solution A’s temperature is higher than the solution B and C, it will affect to the speed and rate of the osmosis. In order to get the reliable and best data, we need to control the temperature of the solutions in to equal celsius possible.

3 different concentrated solutions (0, 25, 50 mol/dm^3)
Potato cores
Measuring cylinder
Petri dishes
Black pen
Potato slices
1. Using black pen to label the 3 different concentrated solutions and label them A, B and C. (Each solutions contain 100ml) 2. Record the physical properties of the potato slices. Place the slices of potatoes into the each petri dishes and label them a, b and c. 3. Pour the solutions in to each petri dishes about 36ml. (A to a, B to b, C to c) 4. Wait for 2 days.

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Effect of Solutes on Potato Cells' Water Uptake
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