Chemistry and Math Essay

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Chemistry and Math

Education is the best legacy. This has been a lifelong statement that I have come to believe. Personally, I believe that learning continues until the death of a man. This is because no man can claim to know everything. Life faces us with new possibilities daily and there is the next thing waiting in line; a new ladder to climb and a new goal or dream to achieve. Therefore, while we appreciate our present academic achievement, we should strive more by seeking more knowledge to improve ourselves.

Furthermore, I believe that the achievement of one goal should lead to the desire to set a higher one. In this context, I strongly subscribe to the idea that knowledge is imperishable and thus should be a priority for every person. There should naturally be a curiosity that will instigate the desire to know more and to acquire more knowledge from time to time. Consequently, I have educational and professional goals that I hold dear to my heart. Presently, I am a double major student studying Chemistry and Math.

As part of my desire to learn more and add more to myself, I intend to enroll for postgraduate studies so that I can earn a Ph D in Chemistry. Due to my interest in Chemistry and Biology, I hope to attend medical school so that I can become a medical doctor. As a medical doctor, I want to specialize in the field of endocrinology or surgery. I have always dreamt that one day I will be able to open up my own private practice where I can help people with imbalances in their endocrine systems and help reduce pain that people go through daily.

In addition to this, I hope that later in life I will be able to lecture Chemistry and also work with a pharmaceutical company in hopes of being able to synthesis new drugs in the fight against HIV. I know it takes a lot of dedication, focus and hard work to achieve all these but I believe nothing good comes easy and I live with this mindset every single day of my life. Consequently, I have developed a keen interest in and an unrivaled thirst for learning. As a professional, I would love to be a valuable asset so that I can give back to the community.

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