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Chem Lab Word Determination of the Gas Constant R

Applying the Combined Gas Law Values of Standard Temperature and Pressure 15 of 19 Determining the value of V2 This value is then converted into moles in order to be applied to determine the gas constant, R. Determining the Gas Constant,R using the Ideal Gas Law 16 of 19 Calculating the Percenta 17 of 19 ge Error Conclusion and Evaluation Conclusion Based on the collected raw data and calculations, the Gas Constant (R) was determined. Calculations were done for all of the three trials and averaged for the most precise value for the Gas Constant.

Random errors and uncertainties were to be educed through this process as well.

Although all three trials were processed using the same materials and method, the experimental values of the Gas Constant were slightly different. The difference is most likely due to the altered vales such as the temperature, volume, and mass of the variables as these are all determinants of the reaction. According to the collected raw data, the average of the Gas Constant values for three trials is 8.

43L kPa K-1 mol-l, along with the Percentage Error of 1. 44% in comparison to the actual value. In this specific lab work, the Percentage Errors for ach trials are significant as they are relatively low values.

This depicts that the Gas Constant values derived from the raw datas are somewhat close to the actual value of Gas Constant.

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Nevertheless, the Percentage Difference of the averaged value and the actual value is significantly larger than the Percentage uncertainty. This suggests random errors occurred and possible systematic error, causing the deviation of the calculated values from the actual value of Gas Constant. Evaluation Significance of the error Suggested improvements Assumption made for certain values For the calculation, the temperature

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