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Chem lab report shampoo experiment Essay

Essay Topic:

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Investigate the Chemical Properties different shampoo brands and determine the best brand of shampoo manufacturers.

Take your 1% shampoo solution in a beaker and using the pH meter find the pH value of the shampoo.

Information: Most shampoos are neutral or slightly acidic. Acidic solutions cause the cuticle of the hair to shrink and lay flatter on the shaft of the hair. Basic solutions cause the cuticle to swell and open up. Acidic solutions make the hair seem smoother. Basic solutions make their hair seem frizzier.

Test B (shake test- determination of foam formation):

Put approximately 10ml of the 1% shampoo solution into a 250ml graduated cylinder and record the initial volume of the solution. Cover the cylinder with your thumb and shake 10 times. Record the total volume of the contents after shaking. Then calculate the volume of the foam only by subtracting the initial volume of the solution without the foam.

Information: The smaller the bubbles the better the shampoo.

Test C (foam quality and retention):

This test should be done together with the previous test.

After preforming the previous test record the amount of foam in each minute for a total of 4 minutes. Then find the amount of foam reduced in 4 minutes.

Information: In a good shampoo, the foam retention should remain stable for at least five minutes.

Test D (Dirt dispersion):

Put 2 drops of shampoo in a large test tube. Add 10ml of distilled water and then add 1 drop of ink. Then put a stopper at the mouth of the test tube and shale it well 10 times. Then estimate the amount of ink in the foam as (none, Light, Moderate, or heavy)

Information: Shampoos that cause the ink to concentrate in the foam are considered poor quality. The dirt should stay in the water portion. Dirt that stays in the foam will be difficult to rinse away. It will deposit on the hair.

Precautions and improvements

Make sure you measure the volume of shampoo before mixing it with distilled water to form foam. To ensure this used a dropper to add shampoo to a test tube.

The observations should be as accurate as possible because it is difficult for one to identify the size of the bubble or how much ink is present in the foam.

Conclusion and Evaluation

From The above information we can come to conclusions of the best shampoo brand:

Dove moisturizing is the best shampoo due to its best results during the test.Alberto VO5 is the worst shampoo due to its worst results during the test.

Dove forms smaller bubbles, retains the amount of lather and also does not contain dirt in the foam rather than the liquid below.

Therefore, Dove moisturizing shampoo passed all the tests.

On the contrary, Alberto VO5 forms larger bubbles and disappears with time. It holds the dye on the foam and does not eliminate the dye to the liquid portion below.

Therefore, VO5 is the worst shampoo that failed all tests.

(Please note): The experiment was conducted with only limited amount of shampoo brands. Therefore the results pertain to only those involved in the experiment).

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