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Chef Yancy

The Trends that I’m doing today is about cupcakes. The cupcakes has been the reigning dessert of pop culture for some years now, inspiring not only recipes alone but fashion artwork and collectibles. The New York Times have been representing all types of cupcakes for example marshmallow cupcakes, brownies, caramel, pudding and chocolate chip. The First mention of the cupcake can be traced as far back in 1796, when a recipes notation of a ‘’Cake Cookery”. The earliest documentation of the term cupcake was in seventy five recipes pastry.

Cakes and sweets meets in 1828 in Elizabeth Leslie’s recipe cook book. In the 19th century they use to bake Cakes in pottery cups, remaking or molds. Then took their name from the cups that were baked in. This is the use of the name that has remain, and the names of “Cup Cake” is now given to any small cake that is the size of a teacup. The other kind of “Cup Cake” referred to a cake whose ingredients were measured by volume, using a standard-sized cup, instead of being weighed.

Recipes whose ingredient were measured using a standard-sized cup could also be baked in cups; however, they were more commonly baked in tins as layers or loaves. Later on when the use of volume measurement was acknowledge in home kitchen these recipes became known as 1234 cakes or quarter cakes, so call because they are made up of four ingredients. One cup of butter, two cups of sugar, three cups of flour, and flour eggs. They are plain yellow cakes, less rich, and less expensive than pound cakes.

The name of those two major classed of cakes were intended to signal the method of baker, “Cup Cakes” uses a volume measurement and “Pound Cakes” uses a weight of measurement. Now day’s cupcakes are very popular they have been around for many years in different bakeries, restaurant and mainly grocery stores. There are some many unique cupcakes out there such as Bee Sleet cupcakes, Black Cat cupcakes, Chocolate Chip cupcakes, Black Cherry cupcakes, and my favorite Strawberry cupcakes with the sprinkles. Cup cakes are really not that expensive and everyone loves cupcakes. I even make them myself at home.

Do I think that cupcakes are ever going to end “NO” But I read that a few years back that shops drew a line saying that the sugar high might be over. Saying that it didn’t have the luxurious that it once had. In the early 21st century a trend for cupcakes shops, which are specialized bakeries that sell little or nothing except cupcakes, was develop in the United States, playing off of the sense of nostalgia evoked by the cakes. In the New York City, cupcakes shops like Magnolia Bakery gained publicity in their appearances on popular television shows like HBO’s and Sex and the City.

Crumbs Bake Shop, a publicity traded business running the largest cupcakes shop chain in the U. S. reached its peak stock price in 2011. Declining sales, due to competition from locally owned mom- and- pop specialty stores as well as increased competition from grocery stores, caused a sharp decline in the company’s prospect and stock prices in 2013. Which made the Wall Street Journal reports that the market for luxury cupcakes Dallas bakeries like sprinkle Cupcakes or Creme de la cookies is all but done for.

Rumors has it that Crumb is one of many cupcakes vendors around the country they’ve open in the past decade with a focus on calories- loaded pastries and premium prices to match. And yet the chain is currently experiencing significant downward motion: 2013 sales to roughly $57 million a downward that Crumb blames in part on Hurricane Sandy. But reading on various analysts, the Journal found plenty of pessimism to go around: as Darren Tristano, executive vice president of food industry consulting firm Technomic put it, the cupcake crazed was just a short-term trend.

Their starting to see a real saturation… Demand is flat. And quite frankly, people can bake cupcakes. Of course those within the industry, like Yogen Fruz co-founder Michael Serruya, takes the opposite view: Serruya just did a 10 million financial deal with Crumb and says the gourmet- otherwise. Which mean that definitely have confident that cupcakes was going to be around for a very long time. On the expensive field of cupcakes I really don’t think that cupcakes are really expensive.

I think that they should keep cupcakes around longer because they have came up with all types of different cupcakes. Different styles of cupcakes and they also came up with a cupcake cake for children. Besides if there wasn’t for cupcakes how would cakes would ever be existing. It this one bakery in Chicago where I use to go up as a kid around my old house and I that bakery is still standing today. That tells you that cupcakes are still there. I don’t think its how you make the cupcake I think it is where you sell the cupcakes at. For instants If I was to go to a egular neighborhood and I see a bakery that is closed down that tell me that whatever they where selling in that bakery that did not succeed and probably move to another location.

The most popular place around the world that sells the best donuts is Dunkin’ Donuts. Since Dunkin’ Donuts’ comparable sales growth stood at 2. 8 in 2011. The figure accelerated to 7. 2% in the first quarter of 2012 helped by the introduction of new menu items such as Hillshire sausage sandwich in the fourth quarter of 2011 and Angus steak and egg sand which at the start of 2012.

These offerings also helped customers view Dunkin as a restaurant chain offering more than just coffee or donuts. Further the sale of Dunkin Donut K-cups compatible with Keurig single cup brewers, is also a boosting the sales at its restaurant. Comp sales slowed to 4% in the second quarter, which was generally in line with the company expectation. We expect the figure to stay in a similar range in the long term. Dunkin’ Donuts plans to double the number of restaurant in the U. S. to 15,000 in the next 20 years. In 2012, the restaurant chain added 260-280 restaurant in the U. S.

The company still has no presence in the state of California, were it is working on building infrastructural requirement needed to support its operations. The western part of the U. S. represent a significant growth opportunity for Dunkin since its penetration is only one store for one million people. There are other states to, like Texas, were the restaurant chain has a limited presence and had recently unveiled plans to expand quickly. Since the restaurant are franchised, only a fraction of the total capital expenditure is incurred by Dunkin’.

In 2011 the restaurant chain added 243 outlet in the U. S. while capital expenditure for the total company stood at $19 million. So, they don’t expect its expansion drive to put a strain on its balance sheet. Well I know that definitely have to look out for Starbucks the greater the presence, the more difficult its gets to sustain high comp sales since the new restaurant start cannibalizing the sales of existing ones. Starbucks faces similar situation back in 2008 which forced it to shut some of its stores in the U. S due to expanding too quickly.

I have a $34 price estimate for Dunkin Brands, which is about 15% above the current market price. So you see if it wasn’t for Dunkin’ Donuts for keeping their marketing brand up it would probably be very hard for us to find and delicious donuts. I can honestly say that I love Dunkin’ Donuts and I shop their all the time. I can believe Starbucks will even try to come out. Quite frankly I think Starbucks are a bunch of copy cats and at any amount of time I think there little trend is going to go down the drain. And to my knowledge there is no donut place that isn’t better that Dunkin’ Donuts.

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