Cheerleading & activity Essay

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Cheerleading & activity

Cheerleading is an activity that is recognized for its fierceness of determination, hard work and determination to achieve perfection. That perfection and innovation of spirit comes through as a result of the persistent efforts of each cheerleader. As it was so aptly stated by the Author of Tif Tif (USA): “Next time someone tells you cheerleading is easy, tell them to do your routine and then get back to you. ” This activity requires certain willpower and a need to succeed which I proved by being selected in the senior year despite being rejected the initial few times that I did try out.

For me each rejection was like proof of the fact that something as yet was still lacking in me and only I had the capacity to change that. Belonging to a background of limited means has resulted in a consistent struggle; where achievements are truly worth their measure since they are few and quite difficult to achieve. Being an African-American meant that I had to push myself even further in order to avoid whatsoever racial bias that could come my way. The cheerleading cry is not a mere cry; it is a cry of champions.

Each flip, kick, stunt equates to a way of life in which the cheerleaders symbolize agility, flexibility and drive which becomes the bane of their existence. For me, cheerleading became much more than exhibiting certain “fancy” moves. For me, cheerleading is an activity which sets us apart from the rest since we are the ones who can do it. What I have become as a result of this activity is a passionate, determined, hard working and tireless person who translated this passion into all her areas of life. I knew that if I wanted to pursue this dream of mine, I had to ignore the voice of doubt.

Hence, my selection in the senior year despite the rarity of African American cheerleaders in the squad and repeated rejections was this inner belief in my capabilities. Yes, there are certainly many who have the ability to perform these stunts but only a few who possess the character which is an integral part of the cheerleading life. And this aspect of my character came across when I was selected as Homecoming queen for 2009. It was a feat which was remarkable for someone who had nothing but a sense of determination and a drive to succeed to aid her.

It was not only an achievement for me but also for my family who had given their utmost support and hence, the fulfillment of my dream would certainly a lot to a family who have gone beyond their meager means to ensure that I reach the “skies”. It was a part of my cheerleading training indeed as I was taught that nothing could come in the way of each tryout or game. I had to push myself as hard as I could in order to ensure that I could be what was not only expected by me by others but myself. Reference Campo-Flores, Arian (2007). “A World of Cheer! “. Newsweek. http://www. newsweek. com/id/34924. Retrieved on 2007-05-17

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