Checkpoint the Information Systems Department Essay

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Checkpoint the Information Systems Department

The Information Systems Department’s goal is to manage a company’s information through safe, secure and resourceful methods that can be accessed easily from anywhere inside the company. The Information Systems Department manages a wide variety of company information; everything from software, computers, storage, e-commerce, online websites, system integration, company networks, IT help, networking, consultation, billing, telecommunications, partnerships, implementation and training. The greatest resource provided by the Information Systems Department is transparency through technology; helping employees use accessible resources to seed the evolution of new technology and future innovation.

Two important departments that utilize Information Systems in a major way would be the Human Resources Department and Supply Management. The information systems department works with HR to develop strategies that help them become more efficient at tracking important employee information. Such as Payroll processes, distribution of funding, scheduling, pay, employee info, company ethics, salary information and skill inventories are all tracked through this system. The ISD department develops software and assists with the technical side of this process; helping the Human resources department develops efficient employee management strategies.

On the supply management side of things the ISD departments main job is to control inventory and the supply management of the distribution side of the company. The ISD department would assist with such things as supply chain networks, production management, delivery management and quality control tracking. The department would implement strategies aimed towards tracking all of these resources and implementing effective changes to the system that may strategically enhance business production. Privacy and security of customer information would also be stored within databases managed by the ISD through the secure network established for this process. The ISD would also be responsible for transportation operations, scheduling, purchasing and all information management related to supply.

The information systems department really deals with nearly all aspects of a company anymore. The processes used and developed through the ISD help a company become more effective by collecting, creating and distributing data through intelligent software. The resources managed differ from department to department, but all use the same core fundamentals. The goal is to deal with challenges in a cost effective manor; which ultimately helps drive the production of a company.

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