Checkpoint Switching Essay

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Checkpoint Switching

Packet switched networks move data in small blocks, or packets based on the destination address in each packet. When they are received the packets are reassembled in sequence to make up the message. Circuit switched networks rely on dedicated point-to-point connections during transmission. There are many differences between the two whereas they usually end up on separate sides of a corporation.

Circuit switched networks were traditionally used for phone calls and packet switched networks handled all the data. With the long distant reach of phone calls and the low cost of data networking both technologies were used to help each other for many years. Back in the day packet switched digital networks would connect to circuit switched ports to gain access to computer networks in different places. Today, remote dial-up access to corporate computers is usually over the internet by using global ISPs.

Since we highly rely on video and voice communications over the internet analyst predict that we will lean away from the use of circuit switched networks. VoIP calls are cheaper than circuit based ones but many think it will be a long time before many corporations do away with PBX systems that use packet based networks for data, voice, and video. Although VoIP may be inexpensive it also has its flaws. Poor voice quality and bad call latency.

However, if a call was sent through on a packet switched network there is always a chance of something going wrong. Congested networks also prove to be an issue. As you can see there are many advantages and disadvantages to both network types but PBX is a more reliable technology as opposed to packet switching which is more efficient. Circuit switching is more commonly used in today’s society but there will always be both until a new technology is created, or they merge the two into some sort of hybrid technology.

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