Checkpoint: Motivation Explained Essay

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Checkpoint: Motivation Explained

The three major motivation theories in life are psychoanalytic, humanistic, and diversity. Psychoanalytic: determinism, drive, conflict, the unconscious. Humanistic: self-actualization, Maslow’s need hierarchy, intrinsic motivation, self-determination theory. Diversity: Murray’s psychogenic needs, achievement. A time where psychoanalytic had happened in my life would have to be with my current boyfriend.

When we first began talking and getting to know one another I had a little slip where I had called him by my ex-boyfriends name. Now that I think about it I think it may have happened due to the fact that I was considering starting a relationship with him. As well as the fact that my ex and I never really had closer in the relationship either so I still hard feelings towards him. In humanistic that would just be how I live my life every day trying to achieve something greater.

I would like to leave some kind of legacy that my daughter could be proud of. It happens naturally due being determined to achieve something great in your life that you can be proud of. One thing that I am proud of doing is having my daughter she has to be my greatest achievement as well as my drive to keep doing what I have to provide her with a good life. As for diversity I believe people overcome it every day.

I know that I have when I moved to Pennsylvania I am Hispanic and Native American the area I lived in was mostly Caucasian area. So I had to adjust and overcome racist remarks which I feel I came out of well just made me a stronger less judgment person. When people would first say thing to or about me I would just get mad then after time went on I got over it because these people didn’t know and were most likely raised that way. I overcame it realizing I’m different and it’s a good thing not to be like everyone else.

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