Cheating is beneficial for students

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Cheating is an easy shortcut in terms of getting homework, tests, assignments and such done in a quick way. Cheating is efficient in a lot of things in life. Cheating should not be a crime for students, especially in high school. This Argumentive Essay is basically going to be focusing on 3 topics on why Cheating is beneficial for students in high school: 1. Why students should be able to share answers and thoughts with other students for homework, tests, assignments, projects, etc.

2. Why teachers shouldn’t be allowed to accuse students of cheating based off of similar answers/thoughts 3. Much less stressful for students in high school that have other important things to do in their life

First of all, students should have the right to share answers and thoughts with other classmates to understand why there answer was wrong or why it was right. If they don’t compare answers and understand why one answer is right and one is wrong, they will never learn.

Teachers in this generation seem to expect students to do all of their work independently, but little do they know that more than 60% of students cheat while doing homework, tests, projects, etc. If teachers just mark students work wrong or right and don’t tell them why there answer is wrong, or why there answer is right, how you expect them to learn?

Teachers assume if two or more students have similar answers/thoughts, they were most likely copying off of each other. It’s very unlikely, but possible to have similar answers/thoughts, so teachers shouldn’t assume and jump to the gun while giving them zero based off of their assumptions.

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They should find complete proof on how the students were definitely sharing answers with each other.

Last but not least, cheating is highly beneficial for students that go through a lot during their teen years. Unfortunately, some teens are more focused on their love life, popularity level, and jobs more than they are on their education. None the less, if that’s there decision to do all of those things instead of getting a education, they should have the right to do so and should cheat to fly through their high school year.

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Cheating is beneficial for students
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